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Deadliest Ever Out Break of Ebola Virus

Updated on September 25, 2014

Key Facts About Ebola Viurs

1) Ebola virus disease is a severe often fatal illness in human.

2) The disease is transferred from animals to human and can be transfer to human to human.

3) The average case fatality rate is about fifty percent.

4) The first places affected was remote villages in Africa now disease is spreading in several west African countries Liberia, Guinea and Louse are worst affected all major urban and rural areas are affected.

5) There are currently no vaccine is available.

6) According to WHO, Community engagement is necessary to successfully controlling outbreaks.

Ebola in West Africa

Ebola is a disease which is now spreading in several West African countries. Ebola started from Guinea and now three countries Guinea, Liberia and Louse are worst affected. Several countries have imposed travel bans and despite some little efforts things are going bad to worse in these countries. More than three thousand people have lost their lives in West Africa and thousand has been shifted to isolation camps in different parts of these countries.

Main Causes of Ebloa

The disease is caused by the Ebola virus now world community sees worst outbreak of Ebola since the discovery of the virus in 1976. Due to poverty, lack of medical facilities, lack of education and lack of awareness in general public affected countries are facing worst crises of modern history. Experts and World health organization’s believed that the number of cases is much higher than expected because due to lack of medical facilities and poverty several cases are still unreported.

Ebola Medical Staff at High Risk

Due to lack of safety equipment and dress medical staff is worst affected. At least five top doctors and several health workers have lost their lives when they contacted Ebola virus from other patients. Due to serious health risk and deaths several health workers have left their jobs and demands proper safety majors and safety kits for health workers.

Battle Against Ebola

US Doctor who was treating Ebola patients in Liberia also lost his life and other doctor transferred to US when he was affected by Ebola virus. world health organization, NGOs and Doctors without Borders are trying hard to fight against Ebola Epidemic. Due to lack of facilities and lack of interest of the big powers world community is losing battle against the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

A Painfully Slow Ebola Response

According to health officials, lack of doctors and aid workers is the main problem in Ebola affected countries. In some countries like Liberia only one doctor is available for one hundred thousand people. Despite increasing numbers of Ebola patient only few isolation facilities are available in affected countries. Despite serous symptoms of illness several people are not able to get proper medical treatment. world response is also very slow and still no vaccine is available for affected Ebola patients.

Real Heroes - Ebola Health Workers and Doctors

Symptoms of Ebola

High Fever
Joint and mussle aches
Sore Throat
Stomach Pain
Lack of appetite

Ebola Bring More Miseries to Africa


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