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Ebola Prevention

Updated on March 8, 2015

Why is Ebola such a big deal in the US?

Ebola has long been regarded as a problem for developing countries and Africa as a whole. It was first discovered in the 1970's, but it has only recently been in the forefront of the infection control discussion. Why is Ebola such a big deal?

It is such a big deal because it is now affecting the lives of US citizens. With world problems, there is almost always a degree of concern among Americans. However, when American citizens are the victims you'll see the support flood in.

A developing country can lose hundreds of thousands, but it is a tragedy when a handful of Americans are affected. So, what will happen with Ebola? Will the proper attention now be given to it?

This will fizzle, but become a topic of facility preparedness. It all depends on how tight your infection control procedures are.

Ebola Effects


Ebola gets attention

When will Ebola get the attention it deserves?

The effects of Ebola are on full display now. Multiple confirmed cases have been reported on US soil. American citizens are sufficiently getting scared about contracting the disease.

However, for months news agencies have been reporting Ebola deaths and infection rates. What was done to prepare our healthcare facilities? Nothing. Only recently have facilities been scrambling to train employees for infection control principles, buy hazmat equipment, and learn new procedures.

Is it a little too late? Time will tell how far and wide Ebola will spread.

How concerned are you with Ebola?

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Should you be concerned?

Tell us how concerned you are with Ebola.

Is your preferred healthcare facility proactive and prepped for a possible Ebola outbreak? A side benefit of having this Ebola outbreak and fear is that you can see how prepared your local hospital is. This will tell you if they are advanced and will be up for treating you for anything that comes up in the future.

Are they stocked with hazmat, extra supplies, and other necessary equipment? Is their signage sufficient and informative? Do their staff members exhibit the latest health and preventative knowledge?

Ebola Symptoms

What are Ebola symptoms
What are Ebola symptoms | Source

Standard Precaution posters available for free download:

  • Standard Precautions
  • Contact Precautions
  • Airborne Precautions
  • Droplet Precautions
  • Respiratory Hygiene Reminder

How can you prevent Ebola in your facility?

There are a number of ways to prevent the spread of Ebola in your health facility and community. Since Ebola is spread through body liquids or objects (needles, syringes, and other sharps), it is a little more contained than those viruses spread through the air.

One way to prevent Ebola from spreading is to use CDC Standard Precaution posters in hospitals and clinics. The infection control posters help alert staff members, help educate patients, and warn visitors. A health worker can know before entering a room what risks may be present. It will also help determine which patients can be near each other.

Standard Precaution posters include Contact Precautions, Droplet Precautions, Airborne Precautions, Respiratory Hygiene Reminder and then a general Standard Precaution poster.

OUTFOX has created digital posters that are free for download. The posters are available in PDF or Word format.

Ebola video

Prevent Ebola with a Glo Germ Training

Ebola, like other harmful bacteria, viruses, and diseases can be avoided. But we need to know where our processes are breaking down and letting germs in.

Glo Germ is a system that shows healthcare staff how germs spread quickly. It really SHOWS them. Glo Germ simulation germs come in a powder or gel form. Once mixed in or placed, it is hard to detect where Glo Germ is, just like it is hard to detect what areas have been contaminated.

However, under a black light Glo Germ glows bright. This infection control training can be inserted into any process at your facility. You can see where germs are sneaking in and causing HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) and other outbreaks.

Some ideas to use Glo Germ in your facility include: hand washing, glove removal, gown removal, PPE donning/removal, environmental cleaning verification, cleaning procedures, washing in procedures, waiting room area cleanliness, and so much more. Get creative!

Sometimes the only way to teach is to visually connect people with what germs can do. Some may not fully understand until they see the simulation germs under the blacklight.

Glo Germ poll

Has your facility ever used Glo Germ to teach infection control?

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Ebola is the thing of the past- or is it?

Ebola hasn't been talked about for a few months. So, is it gone?

Our opinion is that this was only a small taste. Outside of the USA there are thousands affected by Ebola. I am not projecting that there will be a huge outbreak on American soil.

I am saying that we need to continue the preparation that we started. Facilities started to get their processes up to the highest levels, but now many are relaxing.

They are relaxing because they don't feel the threat. This is dangerous territory.

Health facilities have the duty to stay prepared. They need to continually strive for excellence even without a known threat.

Ebola and Doctors Without Borders


Ebola poll

Do you think Ebola is done or will it return and scare Americans once more?

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