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Ebola scare 2014

Updated on October 3, 2014
Map of West Africa's outbreak
Map of West Africa's outbreak | Source

Ebola was discovered in 1976 however this large outbreak started in December of 2013 in Guinea, Africa. It then began to spread throughout Africa to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. The first victim in 2013 was believed to be a two year old boy who later died of the virus/disease. After words his family, consisting of his mother, sister and grandmother also contracted this virus and later died of it. Because it was misdiagnosed, the virus was able to spread quickly through West Africa. It has now been spread to parts of the United States.

This article will explain what Ebola is, it's symptoms and where it is now in the United states and who has been infected.

Interesting Fact

The Ebola virus has a rare trait and that is, it can live outside of the body for several day. So this means that items that have been touched by an infected person can remain infected several days later.

What causes Ebola?

The Ebola Virus is actually caused by several other viruses combined to created the Ebola Virus. The Ebolavirus is a virological taxon and the five viruses that make up this virus are

  • Ebola Virus
  • Sudan
  • Reston
  • Côte d'Ivoire ebolavirus
  • Bundibugyo

All these mixed together create what we have and know as the Ebola Virus Disease that has spread from West Africa to the United States. As the most dangerous and sole virus of the Zaire ebolavirus species, it is also known as the being the largest of outbreaks.

Contacting an infected person can cause you to contract this virus by blood or other bodily fluids and also by touching objects that are infected with the virus. Bodily fluids that can transmit this disease include, saliva, mucus, tears, sweat, vomit, urine, feces, and semen. Any object that has any number of these bodily fluids on it is contaminated and any place that an infected person has been to needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

The virus can remain dormant (meaning the person wouldn't show symptoms) for anywhere from two days to three weeks. The person is only infectious after symptoms have started to show up. Even after the person is dead, they are still infectious and it is believed that in West Africa up to two thirds of the virus was spread due to burial rituals of the infected dead.

Quick Question

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What states are infected?

So far, the only state that has an infected HOT ZONE is Dallas Texas. However, the infected person was turned away from the hospital and returned home thus potentially infecting many others in his apartment home. The adults and children in the home could possibly have the virus in them now and must be quarantined for 21 days. The government is said to be cleaning the home soon to clear out any trace of the Ebola Virus.

Can this spread to other states? I feel that answer is yes. Because it IS a virus and looks to be easily transmittable, anyone who has been in the hospital or been in the apartment or had any contact with this infected person or his family could be infected themselves. If they decided to travel then the virus could spread and I have a feeling this Ebola Virus will spread quickly. Even though we have quarantined the family and home and are set up to clean the home, the virus has already been brought to the USA and because it can live outside of the body for several days, who knows where it might spread to.

Zombie Hord
Zombie Hord | Source

Ebola Virus= Zombies?

Yes people have already started blogs, websites and have just plain started talking about how the Ebola Virus could be the cause for the Zombie Apocalypses. I feel this is due to the fact that there is

  1. No cure
  2. It spreads super fast
  3. It can live outside the body for several days
  4. It can still be transmitted from dead bodies

All of these can stir up superstitious ideas and thoughts in those who believe in Zombies. I will admit I have joked on Social Media sites about this becoming a Zombie virus myself but I do not believe it. Maybe if the Ebola Virus combines with some other virus and people end up in a zombie-like state (Little movement, can't talk, craving foods ect) then maybe, possibly I might believe this could be a Zombie Virus.

This is no joking matter though, I will also say because this virus CAN kill people. It is dangerous and because there is no cure and it spreads easily I feel it is a threat to the United States.

To Sum it up...

So to sum up this article, the Ebola Virus was first discovered in 1976, but the large outbreak was started by a little boy and his family in December of 2013 in West Africa. This virus has now spread to the United States, mainly Texas.

This Ebola virus is a combination of 4-5 other viruses and the symptoms can mimic those of other diseases and is often misdiagnosed. A few symptoms include, fever, headache, loss of appetite and fatigue. Some less common symptoms are rash, and internal bleeding. These less common bleeding symptoms can be the main cause of Death in this virus and can occur rather quickly. This virus can also live outside the body for several days on objects and items that have been touched by an infected person.

This is NOT a zombie virus.


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