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Ebola Virus Vaccination: Hopes Ahead

Updated on June 13, 2015


Many viral diseases have affected human beings throughout history. Some are considered less important than others. The kind of attention given to Ebola virus infection is not the same as that of common cold. In the recent news, we have all seen how people are dying due to problems caused by Ebola virus infection in West Africa. The current Ebola epidemic has taken more than 2,000 lives in five West African countries, according to World Health Organization data. The only answer is vaccination and control of animals harboring the virus throughout affected zone and beyond.

Ebola Encounter and Scientists

I am certain that a number of scientists have experimented different forms of treatments for such viral infection. The only problem is that the efficacy and safety of such treatments are in question. Therefore, it has been clearly pronounced that there is no current treatment or vaccine for Ebola virus infection. Well, all hope is not lost. Currently, a British pharmaceutical company is anticipating working on producing a possible vaccination for Ebola virus starting this fall

Ebola Vaccine Human Trial

Vaccination has been a major preventative strategy to combat diseases. Although there are several experimental Ebola vaccines in the early stages, these investigational drugs have not been fully tested for safety or effectiveness. Vaccinations are primarily produced to target specific organisms. Most of the experimental trials have been centered on animal models. However, new promising studies were reported on September 2nd to begin the same week on human trials. This effort to develop an Ebola Vaccine is collaboration between National Institutes of Health and GlaxoSmithKline. Another vaccine, developed by a unit of Johnson & Johnson, is moving toward human tests in the first half of 2015, as NPR's Shot blog reported on September 4th, 2014. This particular vaccine is expected to target the Zaire species of Ebola that has been causing misery in West Africa this year.

A Woman receives a Newly Developed Ebola Vaccine During Human Trial at NIH



The source of the drug is based on attenuated strain of a chimpanzee cold virus. It is believed to be used as a transporter to deliver benign genetic material derived from a strain of Ebola virus. The vaccine content delivers viral genetic material to human cells without additional replication thereby allowing the recipient’s cell to express a protein that generates an immune response. Most importantly, the vaccine content does not cause infection in the recipient body.

A Congregation grieves of Lost lives in Liberia due to Ebola Outbreak



Unfortunately, there may be some underestimation of the impact of this virus. It is highly paramount that any possible effort or assistance to control this virus be made available without delay. Infact, in august, 2014, the World Health Organization said that the Ebola virus could infect more than 20,000 people in West Africa before it could be put under containment. It is only in epidemics that one can access the value of vaccination. I hope the vaccine progress emerges as anticipated because the world is anxiously waiting for answer before it becomes worldwide epidemics.


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