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Ebooklet Review: “You’re ugly, stupid and I hate you/You’re beautiful, smart, and I love you”

Updated on June 16, 2011

“You’re ugly, stupid, and I hate you – just pathetic and useless! You should just give up right now! Seriously – stop now and save yourself the embarrassment.”

If you were to hear someone saying these words to someone else, you would think of it as mean and the tormented should stand up for themselves. This type of verbal abuse goes on every day, in your home, in your room, in front of your own mirror. You are your biggest critic and negative thoughts need to be made unacceptable – especially from yourself. No more excuses. A flower can never bloom if it’s never given proper love, patience, and maintenance. The same is true for you as well. Love is nourishment that we all need and we cannot thrive without it.

Ugly, stupid, and I hate you are three terms that have the strongest impact on a person. They’re the three basic terms we learned in elementary school to do severe damage to another person’s feelings and they only strengthen as we grow older. These terms can easily hurt someone’s self esteem and worse, are often the chains that hold those suffering from depression hostage. ‘You’re ugly, stupid, and I hate you/You’re beautiful, smart and I love you’ booklet will make you understand how to flip the feelings of ugly, stupid and self hate into feelings of beauty, smarts, and self love.

You’re ugly/You’re beautiful (snippet)

. . . But then again, you can have the perfect highlights, face is smooth and flawless, and wearing an outfit that showcases your best assets – and someone still wouldn’t take a second look at you. And it’s not because you’re ugly (although that is your first assumption), but because everyone has different tastes, attractions, wants. . .

You’re stupid/You’re smart (snippet)

. . . Stupid people are those that have academic smarts, commons sense, or streets smarts and consciously decide not to use them. They disguise who they are to impress others or advance in their current position – now that’s stupid. But you, no matter your background and upraising, are not stupid – and make sure you understand that. . .

I hate you/I love you (snippet)

. . . Forget trying to be lovable to everyone else – I’m talking about being lovable to yourself. Why do we seek out love from other people, when there is a person we are forced to deal with everyday that is more than capable of dishing out love – this person being ourselves. But why can’t the love for yourself rank high among the love received by others? . . .


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