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Stomach Baby Eczema, How to Stop the Itch Using Natural Beeswax and Other Products

Updated on January 25, 2012

Eczema Basic How To Care

 If you suffer with eczema, you know it is extremely uncomfortable and itchy. You also know that it comes and goes whenever it feels like it. This can be very aggravating when trying to control it. There are many different types of eczema that effect many different areas of the body. It's also very hard to find a product that actually works for eczema. Most people that suffer with eczema usually end up purchasing one product after another, usually a type of lotion hoping it will offer some relief. It makes since in theory because eczema is extremely dry skin and lotion is supposed to be a moisturizer. A lot of times, lotion only makes it worse. Plus, people with eczema a lot of times have extremely sensitive skin.

baby eczema on stomach and arms

common areas you get eczema

Lotions For Eczema Relief

 First of all, do not buy a lotion with any fragrance ! It only agitates the skin and clogs the pores. You also don't want a product with oil in it, it will also clog the pores. One of the best lotions I have found is Surgeon's Secret sold buy QVC. It is made out of a pure form of bees wax. 

facial and neck eczema

baby eczema on back

Itch Relief For Eczema

One of the worst side effects of eczema is the itching. One thing that is great for relief of itching caused by eczema is oatmeal baths or making a paste out of oatmeal and water and put it on the eczema, let it dry and wash off. Another thing that works great is a hydracortisone cream, I've found this also helps with getting rid of the rash itself.

elbow eczema rash

Soaps For Eczema Relief

 Another thing that contributes to eczema is what type of soaps or body washes you use. A lot of body washes dry out your skin. One of the best soaps I've found is the white Dove bar soap. Johnson's bar soap is also good for being gentle on the skin, especially for baby's and children.

facial eczema


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      No please not the Dove soap, I used to test their products and nrver saw even one cone out of there with ingrefients I would use now I am better informed.

      This page reflects my experiences

      important quotation from it....

      ''1.Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate – Surfactant – may dry skin

      2.Stearic Acid – Humectant – may sensitise you to allergens

      3.Sodium Palmitate – Surfactant – may dry skin

      4.Aqua – Solvent – just plain old water

      5.Lauric Acid – Humectant – may irritate very sensitive skin

      6.Sodium Isethionate – Surfactant – oh good. This is mild to skin and not drying

      7.Sodium Stearate – Surfactant – not particularly beneficial to skin, but not known to irritate either

      8.Cocamidopropyl Betaine – Surfactant – may be an allergen

      9.Sodium Palm Kernelate – Surfactant – Oh good – just a gentle cleanser

      10.Glycerin – Humectant – can cause allergy in very rare cases

      11.Sodium Chloride – Viscosity Controlling Agent – not particularly beneficial to skin, but not known to irritate either

      12.Zinc Oxide – Additive – non-irritant and non-allergic, unless you’re allergic to zinc

      13.Citric Acid - Antioxidant – may cause mild irritation to very sensitive skin

      14.Tetrasodium EDTA – Sequestrant – not particularly beneficial to skin, but not known to irritate either

      15.Tetrasodium Etidronate – Sequestrant – not particularly beneficial to skin, but not known to irritate either

      16.Alumina – Additive – may cause skin irritation

      17.CI 77891 – Colourant – eye and skin irritant

      So, we can see from this that from the whopping 17 ingredients in Dove’s sensitive skin soap:

      11 ingredients may cause irritation or dry skin

      5 are not known to irritate skin, but not really beneficial either

      A rather pathetic 2 ingredients are mild and gentle on your skin''

      try castille liquid olive oil organic soap.

    • DeborahFantasia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Italy

      I have eczema on my arms and my 8 month old baby gets it on her face, elbows, knees, and feet. I would definitely suggest to your sister switch from Irish Spring, that is a very drying soap and most likely is contributing to the eczema.

    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 

      7 years ago

      Very informative. I know a lot of people who have it and are trying to get rid of it entirely. My sister flips out at the mirror whenever her shoulders break out. I might suggest the dove soap to her. She normally uses the Irish Spring soap.


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