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Eczema Pictures - Soothing Treatments

Updated on February 25, 2016

About Eczema

Atopic Dermatitis commonly known as eczema effects over 30 million Americans. This medical condition consist of patches of rough inflamed skin in the form of irritating blisters that cause itching and bleeding. Eczema can cover any part of the body, and people are often diagnosed at a young age. Eczema does not usually begin during adulthood, but developing eczema when older is possible. This dry sensitive rash is different for each individual, and the irritation can range from mild, moderate, to severe. Under those circumstances, the rash produces an intense itch -> which causes scratching -> which causes inflammation. This is known as the eczema dry – scratch cycle. The symptoms of eczema can be distracting. And the blisters on the rash can also be embarrassing as not everyone is aware that the dry patches of skin are not contagious like a cold, but are triggered by food, irritants, or stress. Some scientists believe that eczema is an inherited gene that is passed on. There may not be a cure for eczema, however, there are remedies and methods that you can apply to your daily routine to sooth the irritation and reduce triggers.

Sooth the irritation

Organic cold press virgin coconut oil

If eczema only consisted of a rash you probably would not notice it if it was on an area that was not visible to you, however, because eczema is accompanied by an intense itch and inflammation it begs for attention by being itchy and holding inflamed fluid. One of the easiest ways to sooth irritation is to add coconut oil to your diet and apply organic cold press virgin coconut oil directly to your skin. Mostly everyone is aware that coconut oil is a superfood that comes with a long list of benefits when used externally as well as internally. Using coconut oil as a moisturizer on your skin should bring noticeable relief. And by adding coconut oil to your diet as well will add internal support. An added benefit to using coconut oil to sooth eczema is that it will also lighten any scars caused by eczema when used regularly.

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Aloe Vera

Another option for soothing eczema irritation is purchasing and actual aloe vera plant. Aloe vera has been used as a moisturizer for thousands of years, however, this extraordinary plant also has anti-inflammatory properties as well. You should focus on the actual contents within the aloe leaf. The fresh sap like gel inside the aloe vera is more beneficial then products containing aloe vera. Massage the sap onto the rash. The aloe vera will sit on top of the skin, so it is important to allow the sap to penetrate the skin to obtain the full soothing power of aloe vera. By all means, be sure to purchase a fresh aloe vera plant, because pure aloe does not have negative side effects, and can be applied to the scar as often as needed. Furthermore, aloe vera sap contains vitamin E oil, and if applied to the eczema scar daily will cause the scar to vanish. Aloe vera can be used to remove the scar even if the area is not irritated. If your main purpose for using aloe vera is to remove the scar the aloe should be applied to skin and left on the scar overnight, and washed away in the morning.

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Lemons are great for releasing inflammation from under the skin. Once applied to the rash burning will occur, and the more the area has been scratched the greater the burn. Simply slice the lemon, and apply to the irritated skin. After the lemon juice has absorbed into the skin be sure to moisturize with coconut oil which will add another layer of protection. If lemon juice is applied twice a day it will lighten the scar. Lemons are acidic and contain a natural antiseptic causing the eczema scar to disappear. Also, lemons are known for beginning high in vitamin C which will encourage your body to generate new cells causing the scarred area to brighten and tone naturally.

Eczema Food Triggers

Reduce triggers

Additionally, eczema can be triggered by many things such as; food, irritants, or stress. Food is the main trigger for eczema. Earlier I mentioned that eczema is diagnosed at a young age, and the trigger is usually food. Parents may notice a rash on their baby’s face, cheek, chin, scalp, chest, or back area. There have been several stories that proved that children who suffered from eczema also suffered from a food allergy. Food allergies that triggers eczema where dairy, nuts, wheat, and soy. So, if your diet is mostly made of these food groups you may want to find a healthy substitute to reduce irritating eczema triggers.


In reality, everyone is irritated by different things, however, many irritants can trigger eczema. It is important to realize things that contact your skin that may cause eczema. We smear products on our skin multiple times daily. Some products are routinely applied like soap, but some products may only contact our skin occasionally like chlorine, and both of these along with shampoo, bubble bath, and other forms of disinfectants can be irritants that cause eczema. Pay attention to when your eczema appears it may only appear in the summer when you are in the pool exposed to chlorine, or does it get worse daily after washing your hands with disinfecting soap? You may also be washing your hands too much. Water can trigger eczema when proper moisturizing goes undone.


Be that as it may, we cannot removed stress from our lives entirely, however, there are techniques you can practice to reduce stress like breathing exercises and yoga. Participating in stress reducing techniques will lessen the amount of flare ups, which will keep you less stressed in general.


All things considered, this medical condition causes flare ups of dry, inflamed, and sensitive patches on the skin that are irritating and uncomfortable. They cause unwanted attention and conversations, because people are not aware that eczema is different for each individual. Eczema is not curable, but when the proper combination of soothing treatments, scar removing methods, and irritant avoidance are put in place eczema can be controlled.


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