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How to Lose Weight & Live Healthy

Updated on January 3, 2014
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Let me share with you my own ideas and practices on how to lose weight and live healthy. This is based on my own researches, personal experiences & observations as a health-conscious myself. I am not a nutritionist or dietician but my tips are not in any way unsafe so I hope you still find this useful.

1. Do not skip breakfast

You think you will lose weight by skipping breakfast? That’s wrong. You’ll become so hungry by lunchtime that you tend to unconsciously eat more than you should be eating. According to Dr. Wayne Callaway, skipping breakfast can lower your metabolism. A lower metabolic rate increases your chance of becoming fat. Further, our body needs food to keep our energy levels high especially in the morning when we go to work and start most of our activities.

2. Eat less in the evening

We usually rest after dinner so we don’t need much food at this time. Our bodies don’t burn as much calories in the evening as it does in the morning because our body’s metabolic rate slows down when we are inactive.

3. Eat food at the right proportion

Eat in moderation. Losing weight does not equate to losing some nutrition our body needs. We just need to regulate the proper amount of our food intake. You become fat because you are taking more than what is required of you to take and you are unable to burn this excess food into energy.

4. Moderate your sugar in-take

I know many of us are dessert enthusiasts who have this unwavering sweet tooth. We don’t want to be overweight as much as we don’t want to be prone to diabetes so controlling our cravings for sweets can be a big help too. Sweets like cakes, ice cream, smoothies & similar concoctions have higher amount of calories as taking French fries or burgers. We may take some to satisfy our sweet tooth but don’t eat much.

5. Be physically and mentally active

Engage yourself in physical activities in your idle time by doing some sports like playing tennis, badminton, bowling or by simply jogging or brisk walking. But don’t overdo it to exhaust yourself, just enough to burn your excess fats/calories.

You might also observe that you easily get hungry when you’re studying or at work doing a lot of thinking. Brain activities also burn a lot of calories as brain is a muscle too.

6. Avoid alcoholic drinks/liquors

Aside from the calories they contain, it makes you lose your inhibitions. So you tend to eat more than you realize because you’re enjoying the fancy conversations with your tipsy buddies and chummies.

7. If there’s an option or availability, prefer natural juices or squeezed fruits over drinking colas/sodas

In a restaurant for example, prefer to drink a fresh coconut juice over a canned -juice or soda. As a fresh coconut juice can give you many health benefits while canned juices or soda has unhealthy sweeteners and preservatives.

8. Stop eating when you have taken just right, not when you are full

Our tummy is like a rubber band, it expands as long as you stretch it. When you accustomed your tummy into taking large volume of food, like a hospitable host, it will adjust itself to accommodate all the food you intake as long as it can. You just puke when your tummy can’t take it any longer. So when your tummy was flexed into a large size, you will not really feel full until you have fully used its capacity. But if you will control your intake to a proper volume, your tummy will also return to its proper size/form.

Whatever info you found on the net especially about health, it’s better to verify its validity and reliability. It’s always best to consult a health specialist to check/advise you personally because not many have the same physical and medical condition.

© 2009 Caroline Guillermo


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    • profile image

      Kate 8 years ago

      Very informative! Not just an effective way of losing weight, but also a good guide in staying healthy. *2 thumbs up*