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Effective Strategies to Boost Your Self-Confidence Now

Updated on April 24, 2009


Always Be Prepared

Being prepared goes a long way in terms of boosting your self-confidence. Practice doesn't always make perfect, practice will help you increase your performance in every endeavor.

Stay Calm

Self-confident people have an inner peace, or calmness even in pressure situations. Athletes play at a high level, while maintaining an air of relaxation. By staying focused and relaxed, they are able to perform at a high level.

Talk Positive to yourself

Self-elevating positive thinking helps you to overcome negative self-talk.

Talk Positive to Others

People who use upbeat positive language attract others and feel better about themselves They also tend to get more opportunities in life. The language you use in your daily conversations impact how you view yourself and how others view you.


Smiling changes your physiology. The serotonin level in your brain increases, your blood circulates more freely, your respiratory system operates with greater efficiency, each of which increases your overall well-being. Try it Smile and see how you can feel the difference.

Acknowledge All Your Victories, Large and Small

If you have small victories all day long acknowledge them. Your subconscious will begin to believe that you are a winner. Your subconscious makes no assessment about the size of your victories.

Give Yourself a Reward

Once you have built up a few victories, take time to not only acknowledge yourself, but to also do something nice for yourself.

Learn from Your Mistakes and Keep it Moving

If you never make mistakes, that may be a sign that you probably aren't attempting enough in life. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be less than perfect, especially when it comes to being assertive.

Imitate Self-confident People

Self-confident people leave clues. Ask self-confident people why they do what they do. Most will be happy to tell you. If you find yourself attracted to the self-confidence in others, it's likely that you have the capacity for greater self-confidence yourself. If you could be surrounded by self-confident people, eventually, you will become more like them.

Use Your Imagination

Imagine yourself being or doing anything you want. Imagine your self being exactly how you want yourself to be. Imagine yourself having the personality you want. Imagine yourself anyway you want to be.

Practice Being Bold

Here are some suggestions for your act of boldness: I’m sure you can think of others

· Ask for a raise, or confront your boss with an issue that has been bothering you.

· Speak up at times where you've never before spoken up.

· Wear something that you probably would not something wild or extravagant bring attention to yourself for you.

· Throw down a challenge to the members of your team or your staff at the next meeting


There are many simple strategies you can practice nearly every day to increase your self-confidence. These are just a few.

· Prepare, prepare, prepare. The most confident among us keep returning to the basics.

· Look for the small victories as well as the large ones and reward yourself accordingly.

· Don't dwell on your mistakes, learn from them and move on.

· Use your imagination to find situations where you can act in ways that you normally wouldn't.

· Hang around, observe, and imitate self-confident people. Self-confidence always leaves clues.


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