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Effective Techniques To Overcome Panic Attacks

Updated on January 1, 2013

Suffering from anxiety is tough, the feeling of being nervous, anxious having your body tense up and feeling out of control is something I wouldn't want to wish on anyone. The extreme side to anxiety is suffering from panic attacks. All the above feelings will be apparent but you can also experience a tightness in the chest, which may feel as though you're having a heart attack. It can become hard to breathe and you feel dizzy.If you're experiencing panic attacks and have not consulted your doctor then make sure you do.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be overcome quite quickly, without the use of drugs. Your anxiety comes from distortions in your thinking. Some of these types of distortions you portray to yourself as being true are, overgeneralizations, predicting the future, all or nothing thinking, magnifications or the opposite minimization's, emotional reasoning, self blame. The time your anxiety occurs you are no doubt putting one or likely more than one of these types of thoughts through your mind.

For example all or nothing type thinking, is where you thinking is absolute, there's no in between. The truth is what ever you're feeling anxiety from, there are other factors and things to consider.

Self Blame. This one is self explanatory. It is common when people experience a loss. This can be coming when people experience break ups. Another that follows self blame is focusing on the negative and only the negative usually looking at yourself in a negative light.

These are all distortions in your thoughts in comparrison to reality. If your are suffering from panic attacks note down why you't feeling the way you are, don't focus on the feelings focus on why you are feeling those feelings. Once you have wrote a short sentence, elaborate and write a sentence under that one. Keep doing this and you will soon see what it is that is causing your anxiety. Does this reason correlate to reality?

Think if your best friend came to you and they were in the same situation as you and they were experiencing similar things to you and wrote down what you had wrote as to why they are feeling the way they are. Would you agree with what they're saying? Would you agree with what they had written down or would you point out all other factors that have played a part? If so what would these be? Would you be saying this because they're a friend or because it's the truth? Write down what you would say. Is your reasoning to why you feel the way you do now logical?

Another great technique to overcome your panic attacks if you fear the panic attack itself is to write down something you feel your wouldn't be able to do if you was suffering from your panic attack, it doesn't matter what it is. It could be running on the spot or writing down the lyrics to your favourite song. No matter what it is, next time you experience a panic attack do what it is you feel you couldn't do.

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    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 4 years ago from England

      Thank you Ibback4u,

      I hope to write more of these.

    • profile image

      lbback4u 4 years ago

      thank u , this was very helpful.