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How To Quit Smoking Effectively

Updated on April 7, 2012

Smoking is on the rise now and we often see government placing those advertisements on the board (and even in media) urging others to stop smoking. I know there are 1,001 methods on ways to stop smoking but which actually works?

I am proud to tell everyone that I had stopped smoking. To be frank, I started smoking when I was still schooling and it continued after I started my first job at a local cafe. I have been smoking a lot and roughly a pack a day and I thought I was cool. How stupid of me!

I wanted to stop many times but every single effort of mine went in vein. I would smoke before and after meals and even during my free time. So how do I actually manage to stop?

Let's stop smoking now!
Let's stop smoking now!

Let's Start By...


It is not a 24-hours task to stop smoking. The first step is to reduce smoking. Try reducing one cigarette per week. Oh yes, it is a long way but once you reach the end of the dark tunnel, you be one happy and healthy person.

Here, you need to plan your smoking break carefully. Ensure that there is no available gaps in between for you to have chance grab a quick puff. One of the best methods I tried was to avoid smoking before meals but give you a reward (obviously smoking) after meals.

Endless supports

Family and friend support is vital here. When they give you the support, accept it with open heart. They care and love you. Do not let them down. Smoking will just waste you more money and give you a higher health risk. Use their support to make sure you get to start make the first few steps of reduce smoking.

Smoking kills. Stop right now!
Smoking kills. Stop right now!

5 Smoking facts you must know:

  • Smoking affects sexual health and activities.
  • First few steps are always the hardest.
  • Plan to stop now or you never will.
  • Failing is one of the process. Do not give up.
  • You going to have a higher insurance premium if you are a smoker.

Followed By Self Beliefs

The fail effects

You tried your best and you failed. Don’t be sad or de-motivated. Instead get yourself a break. Start back after a week or so. Failing does not mean the end of the world. In fact, I tried to stop smoking for about 1 year and I have tried 5 times. It is very normal for you to fail the first few times of smoking but never give up.


Google through the internet sites on effects of smoking. You can see those cancerous diseases and the worst part, people around you will also be infected with it. Always think of your love ones and family members. They are the one who are always there for you and when you smoke, they are the secondary smoke effect victims. Use these self thoughts as a way to fight against smoking and slowly reduce it.

Only you can make the first move to stop smoking
Only you can make the first move to stop smoking



Drop by at any 7-Eleven stores and you will find those smoke patches and nicotine gums. These medications works but they are not the way out of smoking. Use them when you need and use it for your own gain. If you have already into reduced smoking, then these medications will work wonders for you.


Lastly, smoking is all about you. In trying to reduce and stop smoking, the main method is actually your thinking. If you would like to stop, then give yourself sometime to stop. Tell yourself that you can do it. By having the confidence, you have already won half the battle. Trust and believe your own instinct because it is you who can stop yourself from smoking!


In short, you are the only one who can make the first move. There are many supports around the world and there is always help is you need one. Prepare yourself a long and tedious battle as to stop smoking is hard but not impossible!


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  • nicregi profile image

    Reginald Chan 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Hi leni sands.

    Thank you again for your wonderful comment. Yes in fact it is all about our mind. If we are tuned to getting it done, we will get it done :)

    Your example is one of the best. Thank you for your time and even your personal advise.

    Actually leni, a friend of mine too was smoking about 25 - 30 years when he suddenly told me, "I just quit smoking today". I couldn't believe it but until now, it had been like 2 years and he has not light a single stick.

    I too just take a puff once in awhile (only when being offered by friends) but once we are able to break the habit, then we are just fine!

  • leni sands profile image

    Leni Sands 7 years ago from UK

    Another good piece - I quit smoking about 30 years ago now - I made up my mind that that was what I was going to do. Had a few drags on what I decided was my last ciggy and stuck the remainder of the packet in the loft...just in case I got desparate. It was the last thing I did before I went to bed and I thought if I can survive without that first cig in the morning I am cracking it. The first few months were horrendous but I took one day at a time and now 30 years later I have no regrets. I even found something to do with my fingers - typing - writing....eventually by the way I threw the packet of cigarettes away out of the loft!