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Effective Ways to Prevent a Burnout Before It Defeats You

Updated on July 16, 2015

How to Detect Early Signs of a Burnout?

Having a burnout is a sign that you’re doing things the wrong way and you will only realize that you’re in it when you’re actually there and you need to STOP whatever you’re doing! A burnout is your built-in detector for your dismal activities. Though you may be able to come out alive from a burnout, not unscathed, I assure you, you will be spending the rest of your life brooding over your lost hours, efforts and opportunities.

So before you get on with whatever you’re doing, read and check here if you got some of these symptoms.

A burn out is an extreme state of job-related stress experienced mostly by a career-oriented personality and evidenced by emotional and physical fatigue. It is hazardous to one’s health and may lead to a mental breakdown or depression. Most people who work hard for the success in their career often times worked too much and faces pressures as they often than not do troubleshooting tasks in their work.

A person who is most likely to experience a burnout usually starts to accumulate stress at the peak of his career when he feels so passionate with his jobs that he fails to detect the accumulation of pressure on it

At first, his passion and ambition cause him to willingly accept the bulk of responsibility assigned to him. The level of motivation is also on its height that he continue to desire for more but as pressures accumulated through all those days, months and even years of hard work and as his motivation subsides, symptoms of being burn out gradually sets in.

Spot a Burn-out Before It Gets You

A burn-out does not strike instantly. There is an accumulation or build-up of work-related stress through long months and years before it will finally hook you up.

Symptoms of a possible burn-out could easily be detected if only the potential victim is aware of it or if he does not neglect its occurrence. A burn-out could have been easily avoided if the person does not deprive himself of a balanced lifestyle. So before it can pin you down, here are some of the symptoms you’ve got to watch out for.

Inability to Enjoy and Socialize with Others

A gradual loss of motivation to work is one factor to determine that you are to enter the first stage of a burnout. Going to work every day becomes an effort and you constantly find yourself watching for the time to go home. Staying at your workplace became less and less enjoyable. Monday sickness is also rampant at this stage and socializing with others is getting less exciting.

You tend to get away from people as socializing became undesirable. You choose to isolate yourself by closing your office door to discourage co-workers from going near you and even brings your own lunch to avoid being with others. This strong desire to be alone will sooner lead to a strong outburst if not dealt with properly in time.

Insomnia and Increased Irritability

You suffer from sleepless nights due to emotional disturbances which cause you to be irritable most of the time. It starts with mild irritability which later increase as you develop low self esteem. You are starting to believe that you are incapable of gaining success despite of all those hard work.

Due to lack of lack of sleep, your health suffers as your body loss the energy to be active. Even your mind is affected as you start to show mild forgetfulness which is getting more frequent and you start to lose your focus and concentration. This negative attitude could always put your career and relationship in jeopardy.

To simplify matters, your state of physical and emotional imbalance is the direct effect of being burnout and unless dealt with properly will surely break your career and relationship.

Work or career comes with bullion of stress and unless you’re ready for it, you will find yourself a great failure. However, you can at least minimize their effects on you or develop a built-in resistor to keep them from harming you. And as I’ve said, once you have it, what are you going to do with it?

As much as possible, identify your problem and stressors that cause it, in the soonest possible time before you will totally snap out of your sanity. However, if you are already suffering from it, here are some of the tips that you can do to get out of it.

Know your Limit and Stand by It

Most of the time, a management implements a multitasking strategy without taking into consideration, its effect on the one performing it. This is of course for the benefit of the company, but this strategy actually exploits the ability and performance of the individual.

Though, by nature, a human being can perform multiple tasks, performing them can either disrupts the usual routine of the one performing it or subject him to a feeling of dislocation especially when done in close intervals.

If you are assigned multiple tasking, assess its effect on you and discuss it first with the management. Never assume that you can do it even if you know you can’t for this will affect your performance. Even if you have the ability to do it, consider you time and situation. Oftentimes, you have to bring home your work because you lack time to finish it in the office. This will affect your family relationship as you will be neglecting your responsibility at home. Some additional tasks are will drain you of your physical and mental energy. Multitasking will also optimize your production company in lesser time and as soon as you reach your limit point, there’s no other way for your performance but to decline. Remember that your mind and body need to take a break in between your working hours. Maximizing its use will lessen its ability to perform just like a machine. Balance is needed in everything and that includes human performance.

Proper Motivation is a Requirement

To combat the effects of stressors, you need to have a clear disposition in life. Always think positive and when you think the situation is going out of hand and beyond your boundary, then get out of it but not without settling things first for your peace of mind.

Low Esteem and believing that you are a loser is what makes a person to really burn it out. To combat this negative attitude, believe yourself and reward it by telling yourself that you are doing a really great job and no one can make you think otherwise. However, make sure that you are aware of your limitation and find ways to improve yourself.

Why a Burnout Syndrome is Good For You Better Than Treatment

Manage your Time

Time Management is essential even in our daily living. Learn to separate work and home and structure your time.

The fastest way to burn out is doing everything without gaining a result. This is because you do not have proper planning or goal to set your direction. Without it, you will surely be wasting your time and effort on unnecessary things or activities.

To organize your tasks, set up a daily planner for your daily to-do list and do things as scheduled. Don’t get out of it unless something arise that’s worth getting out of it.

Now that you are aware of how a burn out works and affects you, avoid having it before it will get into you and totally engulf you!


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    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      Funny I should read this tonight. I was at work and I realized 'Hey Wendi, you have to leave before you lose it'- lol So I did- thank goodness! I was on the verge!

      Great tips, voted up and useful!



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