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Effective Ways to Stay Healthy

Updated on October 19, 2015


Everybody in this world wants to stay healthy. A lifestyle which is healthy and active can help you lead a better life. It may be difficult at times to find time and energy to exercise or prepare meals which are healthy. You can take various steps which can help you lead a healthy life.

Getting active physically

• Try to be physically active most of the time during the week days. If you have shortage of time you can always split your routine into different parts. The physical activity may include walking, dancing, jogging, yoga and cycling.

Eat Well

• You should eat a well-balanced diet which should ideally be low in fat with lots of fruits and vegetables. You can choose a diet which contains whole grains and has low saturated fats and cholesterol. The diet should also have moderate quantity of salt, sugar and fat.

Avoid Injury

• You should try to avoid injury which can be done by wearing seatbelts and helmets. You can use carbon monoxide and smoke detectors at home. If you own a gun at home, you should be aware of the dangers of keeping one at home. In a nutshell we can say that you should use safety precautions most of the times.

Quit Smoking

• You should not smoke and if you do you should quit it. If you find it difficult to quit smoking on your own you can join certain rehabilitation centres which can offer you smoking cessation along with relapse prevention classes.

Drink at the Right Time

• Good if you do not drink alcohol at all, but if you do try to be moderate in drinking. You should avoid drinking while driving or even when you are pregnant.

Avoids STDs and Other Related Diseases

• Try to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS, which can be done by using condoms every time you indulge in sexual intercourse.

Proper Brushing

• Always brush your teeth with a soft and medium bristled toothbrush. Make it a habit of brushing your teeth after drinking or before going to bed. If possible use dental floss on a daily basis.

Avoid Sun Rays

Try to avoid the rays of the sun between 10 am and 3 pm when the harmful rays of the sun are at their peak. You can try using a broad spectrum sunscreen which would guard you against both the UVA and UVB rays. This spectrum should ideally contain a sun protection factor of 15 or higher.


Thus we see that one should always try to stay healthy as it helps a great deal in leading a better and organised life.

You should always try to be in touch with your family and friends and try to involve yourself in your community. You should do things that give you a feeling of happiness and always try to maintain a positive attitude towards life. Always try to be curious in life as lifelong learning is good for your health. Try to recognise and manage stress in your life which includes overcoming problems related to stomach upsets, trouble sleeping and frequent headaches.


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