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Easy ways to lose weight naturally without difficult diets and extreme exercises

Updated on December 14, 2015

Losing weight! Always seems difficult, especially with so many advertises and articles shouting special diets, extreme exercises and expensive pills. In all honesty, losing weight is really easy. Doing it naturally, without putting any sort of pressure on your mind of body makes it even simpler. I am sharing some natural and easy ways of weight loss that doesn’t involve anything difficult, is effective and when you stop doing any of this, your lost weight is regained. As soon as, you start putting the weight back on, you will realize it and subconsciously, start practicing one of them.

Water Magic

Immediately after each of your meal drink at least half glass of HOT water. You could being by semi hot in the beginning drinking it sip by sip. If you feel you still can’t have it continuously, alternate each sip of hot water with a sip of cold water. It is said to awaken your digestive system and get rid of the excess fat before it settles in your body.

Note: Practice it for 2 monthly only. Give a break for another couple of months before you begin again.

If you believe that weight loss requires self-deprivation, I'm going to teach you otherwise.

— Robert Atkins

Tried and Tested by many – Water, lemon and honey

  • Boil 125ml of water. Let it cool and bring the temperature down to warm.
  • Mix the juice of half lemon and add 2 teaspoon of honey.
  • Drink it at a go if possible.

This should be done every morning on an empty stomach, for at least 2-3 months. No matter which part of your body has excess fat, this weight loss home remedy works magically! Your body will start losing weight in the right places, making your body absolutely light and healthy.

Note: If you skip honey in this mixture, you will end up putting on weight. So, many Vegans and Jains who don’t consume honey, should skip this remedy altogether.

Easy Yoga for Weight Loss

I’m not a gym person! I also cheat on my exercises. Hence, over the years yoga has become my trusted medium of losing weight. There are numerous asanas and ways of doing it. You don’t have to know difficult of asanas or stay in a posture for longest time or beat someone at the number of suryanamaskars you can do in a minute! Your aim is to lose weight and it can be done by practicing simplest of asanas. Simpler the better.

  • Bhujangasana
  • Pavanmuktasana
  • Uttanpadasana
  • Padhastasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Utkatasana

There is no ‘right time’ to practice yoga. Simply make sure you had your food at least 2 hours before. Being a lazy bum, I used to practice Uttanpadanasa and pavanmuktasana right in the bed when I woke up, followed by Bhujangasana. Alternate them for about 5 minutes each and head for your water lemon honey magic potion. Practice the rest anytime through the day for 10 minutes. After you have achieved your desired weight, you should keep practicing these for 2-3 minutes whenever you have an opportunity.

For weight loss, you put your trust in-

See results

Food and weight loss

I was advised to eat ‘right’- loads of greens, avoid oily cheesy junk food, eat less at regular intervals, and drink loads of water and so on. While I have seen many benefit from this, when followed religiously, I just couldn’t just stick to a routine, esp because I look food and my social circle is foodie, too! So, what did I do? I went on partial fasting. In general fasting has many benefits and weight loss is one of the,

Being born in a religion that has you fasting from early age, this seemed very effective to me. And when my colleagues started replicating this in their own version, it helped them as well. I would not eat thing between 5PM to 10AM the next day. If there are hunger pangs, I would gulp down some juice or two glasses of water.

For an entire year I skipped eat all together for about 38 hours; surviving only on water. It does sound harsh and there is no need to go that extreme if it’s uncomfortable for you. Idea is to give your body some vacation from all the eating and digesting. To be able to listen to your body again when it actually is hungry and when does it eat out of indulgence! To be able to handle each situation lovingly.

My colleagues and friends would skip a meal on alternate days or go on a liquid diet for a day or simply eat half of what their mind desires! Derive your own fasting and follow it sincerely for few months, you will see amazing results. Fun fact-at any point in your life if you want to lose weight switching back to your own fasting style will help you shed the extra fat easily.

Listen to your body

There is no one true way to lose weight! Listen to your body, be easy and kind to it, stick to what you decided to do for at least 2 weeks, before tweaking it.

Be Light, Be Happy!


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    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 2 years ago from India

      Useful tips!

    • Mikuru Hirai profile image

      Mikuru Hirai 2 years ago from Asia

      Most restaurants here in Asia offer a warm lemon tea after a meal and yes we believe that it aids in digestion.