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Effective ways to overcome obesity

Updated on October 19, 2015


Obesity is one of the major problems in our society which is growing day by day. A person who is fat is expected to face many problems in his day to day life. Moreover if one is not able to control the obesity it can lead to many serious diseases.

Ways to Overcome Obesity

Eat breakfast daily

You should not skip breakfast as it would not lead you anywhere.

• People think that if they skip their breakfast they can cut down the calories which are not true. In fact eating breakfast can make you consume fewer calories for the rest of the day.

Eat foods rich in fibre

High fibre foods like vegetables, chickpeas and citric fruits have few calories, less fat and good amount of bulk which helps you to keep full for a good amount of time.

• You can also consume whole grains which are full of magnesium and vitamin B6 which would help you to lose weight.

Try to eat raw and leafy green vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli and carrot are low in calories but they contain high amount of water and slow-digesting fibre which makes you feel full.

• Moreover eating salads can result in good levels of vitamin C and E which are important for the overall health of your body. It has also been proved that people who are vegetarian weigh less than the people who consume meat.

Switch to fish, chicken and beans for protein

These would help you a lot in overcoming obesity. Fish is good for you as it contains white meat and essential oils for the development of strong teeth and bones. The same goes for chicken which contains white meat and is easy to digest. The beans would also provide you with good amount of protein without any increase in the intake of fats.

All these would help you to lose fat and not muscles which would help you to maintain the body weight.

Eat nuts which are healthy

Nuts are fatty but the best part is that they can help you in losing the weight which has also been proved by some studies.

• It is believed that the healthy fat in the nuts makes you feel full and you do not eat at that point of time.

Get good amount of calcium

Calcium plays an important role in burning the deposits of fats in the body.

• This is due to the fact that if the quantity of calcium is more in the fat cell it would burn more quantity of fat. An ideal choice to burn fat could be the consumption of low-fat dairy products.


Thus we saw some of the effective ways of overcome obesity which tells us that we all can take care of this problem. We just need to follow certain steps and maintain discipline as far as the consumption of food is concerned. Obesity is a problem but it is not that difficult and we all can take care of it.


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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 2 years ago from India

      very helpful tips