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Effects of Genetically Modified Foods for Human

Updated on April 5, 2015

What is Genetically modified foods

Genetically modified foods are good solution for the food crises in the world. Form this technique can create plants which can give more harvest in short time period. But does it really works? The researches and inventions due to this GMOs’ done in powerful countries like America, Australia etc. Are these countries suffering from starvation? This product not reached for the third world in correct manner. They do receive GMOs’ but in low quality so can we take this as good solution for starvation? If it works there should be less number of people who are suffering from the starvation and malnutrition. But the problem is we still have millions of people who are hungry in the earth. The powerful country does not provide quality food for the third world countries because they want to maintain economic rate, statues and prestige.

Can't We Live Without GMO's

As humans we all have three basic requirements. They are food, shelter and clothes. From that food play a great role by providing the nutrition to the animals. These nutrient resources provide the energy to the body and also maintain the life. Ancient people had very basic requirements. Their life style was very simple without competition. And they mixed well with the environment. But now in modern world people have lots of needs .because of the development of the science especially in biological science many new inventions have been arising. One of the most critical issues that we have today is genetically modified organisms (GMOs’).

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Is GMO unbalance the ecosystem

In every issue there is white and black side .There are several disadvantage of GMOs’. The most critical one is the side effect that causes for GMOs’ to humans. Because this is a creation of human and human is not “god” or “the nature”. For instant introduced genes could have ability to resist for pesticide can unbalance the ecosystem irreversibly so it is a threaten to the biodiversity of our planet.

Critical Issue of GMO's

Nowadays genetically modified organism has become a critically issue. The final products of these GMOs’ are used basically for human consumption. But human are also a part of this environment. We cannot predict that the full fill of only human requirement affect to the environment. Also scientifically successful prediction is not correct. The important point is though we have create these GMOs’ for human benefits and consumption there are several problems occurred due to same human beans. So there is issue whether these products are good or bad. Do these scientists create these GMOs’ to provide the food consumption or to enrich their curiosity to find something new and publish that to the society? The nature is a mixture of pros and cons and for the GMOs’ also this law is applicable.

Consumer Sentiments towards GMO's

Reality of GOM's

Nature has made plants and animals separately because they have completely different function in earth. Though both have same genetic material we cannot combine plants and animals. If it has been done, we have to think how much these things are ethically correct because we are violating the nature. Can we give commercial value for life? Life of living bean is priceless .No matter whether it is belong to a cow or a man, both have same live and souls. We cannot say that human life is greater than animal. The major problem is that we forgot the primmest theory that we, human also the part of the world. We cannot control world, its playing god’s role.

Truth of GMO

Are GMO's Natural?

This GMOs’ are not natural and also cannot predict the safeties of them and also another question arises. Have we evaluated the risk of sufficiently? There are expectations for GMOs’. We can use high nutrient food found in the nature. I don’t think that GMOs’ are really necessary to the world. Because this didn’t solve the major problem in the world, food crises. So the better solution is to share the exceed quantity of foods manufactured by powerful country to the others, especially for third world country.

Finally these all researches and inventions are terminated with money factor. Can we assume that this whole process have been done for save human? I believe that when this process was started scientist might have the intention to save the world form starvation by providing quality food. But when it’s coming to the market all that good thoughts and intention are measured by the money factor and finally all depends on the money. So It is much better to reconsider about the mention factors before you purchase any product which related with GMOs or non organic foods.

Global Status of GMO Crops


Science has been developed based on the curiosity of the people. Some scientist has been done research on genetic transformation and finally ends up with genetically modified organism. The important thing is the way of retrieving these new inventions by us. Because as we all know these all researches and product were ends up with money. So as humans, who are the only animal which have the ability to think, We should not except the everything in the world. We have to think weather they are useful or not .This theory also applicable to the genetically modified organism. The most important thing is all these are depend on our thoughts. if we have correct thought and intention we can make a better world.


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