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Effects of Long Working Hours

Updated on August 12, 2017

In advertising business world, numerous companies mostly focus on the qualification of business improvement to achieve their target such as the increase of profit, market share and sales volume. As a consequence, the head of companies adjust the business systems to increase an average work time duration and establish shift work which leads to various issues for employees. This report, commissioned by the advertising company, will analyze the issues of long working hours in the workplace and make some recommendations to relieve severe problems.

In many business workplaces, the worker continues to do their job in the long period with various pressure from their work which is one of the reasons for stress. The severe effect of stress leads to mental disorders which have many symptoms of mind such as anxiety and depression. Bannai and Tamakoshi (2014) state that working in the extended period is related to anxiety and depressive state.

One significant problem of employees in many advertising companies is ineffective characteristic sitting which results in back pain symptom. It has been claimed that ‘More people suffer from occupational musculoskeletal disorders’ which the reason to influence back pain due to the sitting behavior such as the poor position of sitting and long time sitting (Zemp et al. 2016, pp.1-3). Furthermore, Gupta et al. (2015) assert that sitting during long period affects the reduction of back muscle strength which causes the risk of back pain. In addition, back pain’s symptoms can interrupt the employees’ occupation such as lack of an efficient work ability and absent their job. Eventually, this may impact workers with the issue of unemployment.

There is numerous ineffective behavior which is associated with obesity such as in adequate exercises, insufficient sleeping and lack of diet food (Jang et al. 2013). For example, a lack of time can cause workers to eat fast food which leads to the increase of weight thus the reason for obesity. In addition, Kim et al. (2016) argue that stress is created from work can affect metabolic which leads to obesity. Furthermore, the work pressure affects employees to smoke a cigarette and drink alcohol in order to reduce their stressful condition which is the one of vital issue of obesity.

Some traits and of ambulance assistant include the following:

  • Communication and People Skills – Good communication is essential as it an ambulance assistant, you will get accurate information and an assessment on what happened at the scene. For instance, how many people were involved in the incident, how many causalities and the extent of their injuries. Being able to talk to the victims in a proper way. Being able to talk to the family and calming them down would help retrieve important information that would help in the treatment of the patient.
  • Ability to control a situation – As an ambulance assistant, chaos and anger are part experiences one encounter while on duty. Therefore, it is important one stays calm amidst all the chaos. It is imperative for the ambulance to avoid the temptation of succumbing to the pressure of the environment while taking care of the injured.
  • Problem-solving skills – Critical and fast thinking skills are a part of the traits that an ambulance assist has to possess. The ability to quickly diagnose patients accurately. The ambulance assistant must be in a position where they can quickly spot and evaluate a problem while using their instincts to find the best remedy.
  • Physical strength – the ambulance assistant job requires one to be fit physically as it entails lifting, pushing, pulling patients of different weight and size, a time they will be doing this with no help from anyone.
  • Brave – the job requires courage and braveness as while on duty the ambulance assistant will encounter horrifying scenes. For example, broken limbs, blood, other bodily fluids, and guts.
  • Flexibility – an ambulance assist needs to be flexible and be prepared to respond to any emergency incident at any time. Moreover, the working environment will keep on changing. Therefore, it is imperative that the ambulance assistant is ready to change too. Some situation may be distressful, stressful, or even dangerous, but the assistant should always remember that the patient’s health care is a priority always.

From the above discussion, it is clear that workers who work for in a stressing environment are likely to develop a mental disorder. Then again, poor sitting disorder and long sitting hour are likely to cause of the musculoskeletal disorder. The best recommendation would be the best remedy the for the above-mentioned problems. (Willis, Dalrymple, 2015)


  • Relax physical body and mind by taking a nap during work breaks – according to (Shaffer, 2012) employees can benefit a lot from taking a nap as most mental resource get depleted throughout the day. To replenish the mental resource psychologist recommend that one takes a daytime nap. Moreover, the psychologist recommend that employees should relax their body and brain by taking a 10-15 minute break. As a result, the employees would be more productive at their work place
  • Do a light exercise to reduce some stress – studies have shown that doing aerobic exercise for instance helps raise your heart beat. As a result, your mood, energy levels, focus are increases. Hence, making your body and mind to relax
  • Participate in social work group to exchange problems- group therapy over the years has been an effective method to solve the stressful conditions. Moreover it is one of the way to build a healthy relationship at work exchange ideas between colleagues. It is through sharing that one is able to start to healing process of their condition
  • Consult psychiatrist to heal mental problems – if the above recommendations do not work, the best and last option would be to consult experts in the field, they would be able to come up with the best solution for your conditions
  • Eat diet food – fast food have been known to cause heart and obesity condition in the body, which in turn causes stress and depression. Psychologist recommend that people should avoid the allure of this first food on the basis of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Regular change your sitting position, and avoid at all cost straining your back sitting in one position for a long time.


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