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Effects of Using Alcohol

Updated on March 18, 2019

Effects of using alcohol on Health

Many people across the world are suffering so much from the use of alcohol, many also have died from diseases that are caused by alcohol. Therefore when not taken with a lot of seriousness alcohol may result into very dangerous effects.I will also conclude by giving out recommendations on how to deal with alcohol.

Consuming a lot of alcohol into the body at the same time can lead into several changes of the functioning of the body organs. This changes include:

1. The liver

The liver is always the first organ of the body to be affected by too much intake of alcohol. This excess intake of alcohol may cause the liver to become inflamed hence leading to a very dangerous liver disease called liver cirrhosis . Also most people who drink too much may end up being affected with liver cancer, a serious liver disease too.

2. Central nervous system.

Excess consumption of alcohol also may affect the brain and once the brain is affected may lead to memory loss and blackouts, it may also result into trouble forming new memories. Also alcohol may reduce communication between the brain and the body making coordination to be difficult. This may lead to road accidents as one fails to balance during driving.Too much consumption of alcohol may lead to permanent brain damage this can lead to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, a brain disorder that affects memory.

3. Circulatory system

Excess consumption of alcohol may also affect the circulatory systems ie lungs and the heart. Once these organs are affected, it may lead into the diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack and other breathing difficulties. it is believed that women who drink are at high risk of catching cancer than men.

4. Immune system.

Too much consumption of alcohol into the human body also reduces the defense making it difficult for the body to fight diseases. Most of the people who drink heavily over a long period of time are also more likely to develop pneumonia. Again drinking alcohol over a long period of time increases the risk of catching cancer ie breast cancer and mouth cancer.

5. Reproductive organs

Too much consumption also may result into reproductive problems such as irregular menstruation in women and erectile dysfunction in men which may lead into infertility. Also women who drink heavily while pregnant put their unborn in high risk of premature delivery or miscarriage and may also lead into the fatal disorders such as underweight.

6. Digestive enzymes

Excess alcohol intake may also result into the damage of digestive enzymes, although this may not seem clear but continued drinking may lead into greater damage. Drinking may lead into the dysfunction of the tissues in the digestive tract hence preventing intestines from digesting food and absorption of mineral nutrients and vitamins.


In conclusion, alcohol should not be taken in excess and over along period of time, this little consumption of alcohol might not lead into serious problems as of excess drinking. The government should also come up with strict laws on the use of alcohol, like you should not drink and drive, also the government should only allow people to take very little alcohol than taking it in excess. People who are addictive should look for ways of which they can use to reduce the risk of catching diseases.Also the non governmental organizations should come up with proper ways to carry out campaigns and educations to the society at large to make awareness of effects of alcohol to their health and the society. This way the society will be educated and these alcohol related diseases will decrease. The government also should construct rehabilitation centers where those people who are affected with alcohol should be taken to and receive treatment. The government should also come up with strict laws to only allow a certain amount of alcohol to be used, i mean there should be instruments to measure the amount of alcohol consumed and no one is allowed to consume above that recommended level. Once all this measures are put in place there will be no excess consumption of alcohol, and those alcohol related diseases will have been minimized or done away with. Without that even the economy of the country will fail terribly.


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