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Effects of bullying on a person

Updated on May 20, 2015

Effects of bullying on a persons mental health

Bullying has major effects on how a person feels about one self, such as low self esteem, the person being bullied begins to feel sad, and fearful of attending school. frequent stomach aches, the person may withdraw from others, or act out at home because of the bullying at school. not attending school, or cutting classes may be another sign of someone being bullied. fighting with siblings at home to take out the frustration from being bullied. experimental substance abuse issues, may crop up. communication is the key component with a child who has been bullied at school. let your child know that you are their for them as a parent and let them know that if something is bothering them at school to let the parent know. sometimes our children do not open up about what is going on at school out of fear of getting into trouble with their parents. the middle and high school years are tough for are teens and they are faced with all kinds of pressures and issues . bulling should not be one of them. today, their is help out their for students who are victims of bullying. much more than when I was attending school in the 80's. I hope that one day, Bullying will be an issue that no longer exists in schools world wide.


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