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Effects of smoking cigarette

Updated on December 28, 2011

A very simple word is‘SMOKING’ which means a very simple word ‘DEATH’

What is smoking? No one can give any good answer. In this modern world we don’t give any value to those things which are not profitable to us. Then why we are giving value to SMOKING. Is it really profitable to us? Each and every person knows that smoking is harmful to our health but again people smoke. If we ask a question to a smoker that ‘why do you smoke’ he or she will answer that ‘I will quit smoking.’ If you don’t believe then try it ask such question to a smoker.

Our brain says that smoking is bad but our mind does not want to believe it. In this whole world a common word ‘CIGARETTE’ is known to everybody.besides this it is also known to everybody that smoking cigarette is harmful to us. So many advertisement is being made and being published that “STOP SMOKING” , “SMOKING CAUSES DEATH”, “SMOKING IS A BAD HABIT’ etc,etc.These adds are made to make people conscious about the effects of smoking.And also cigarette companies are making such adds. After knowing all these why people smoke. There is not a single good side of smoking but people smoke.

Here I don’t want to say that ‘STOP SMOKING’ or I will not give any tips to stop smoking but I want to share the effects of smoking cigarette.

First, smoking is nothing but taking some chemicals like nicotine, ammonia. Which chemicals causes some little bit effects in our body and body parts first. Which effects become serious and dangerous slowly.and ultimately the final stage of smoking is “DEATH”.

Second, Smoking cigarette is the main reason of about 25 serious diseases. Such as lung cancer,serious heart diseases,chronic lung diseases, bronchitis, cancer of oral cavity, cancer of larynx, emphysema etc. A smoker faces more cough than a non smoker. generally what a cigarette does? When a person starts a cigarette he starts to take nicotine and ammonia to his body. Then the ammonia and nicotine hits his brain and he feels something in his mind.Ammonia is that reason for which a person enjoys his first cigarette in a day. Ammonia has been started to be used in a cigarette after a long experiment on animals. After taking the smoke inside the body when the smoke is being left in environment it comes out with some extra chemicals which causes pollution to environment.

pic of smoking cigarette


Third, in pregnancy smoking causes very bad effect on the child who is growing in the womb of that woman. low birth weight, colds, pneumonia, cot death, stillbirth, or premature birth are some results of smoking.after birth of the baby he or she has more chances of diseases caused by smoking. The risk of miscarriage increases for the reason of smoking in pregnancy.

Fourth, there is 60% more chances of heart attack or stroke to a smoker than a non smoker. Slowly smoking makes our heart weak because one of the immediate effect of smoking is the increase of heart bit, when smoking becomes a habit then our heart becomes habituated with smoking and at a moment normal activities of heart ate affected and the chance of stroke and heart attack increases.

Fifth, smoking also causes some bad effects on our affects the freshness of skin. Smoking also causes skin diseases. Such pimples are one of them. Slowly the skin of a smoker becomes to be oily. black heads start to come out.

There are also some immediate effects of cigarette, watery eyes, decreasing sense of smell and taste, nausea, decrease of blood flow in the body, hampering nervous system, sometimes headache, weakened eyesight, hearing problem etc.

Sixth, children also faces many problems for smoking. A child from smoker parents also become addicted to smoking.children become inspired from the smokers and they eager to smoke.secondhand smoke also causes premature death and many diseases to the children.

Now I would like to share some information about the effects of smoking.

According to study there are about 1.1 billion smoker in the world and more than 750 million of them in developing countries. According to UK studies chain smokers in their 30s ans 45s are about five times more likely to have a heart attack than non-smokers.Lung cancer caused by smoking kills more than 20,000 people in UK every year.about 1000 people in America die for the causes of smoking in a single day.only for smoking approximately 90,000 people die in every year in the whole in every six person die for smoking related shows that the young people who starts smoking in their 11s-15s are three times more likely to die than them who starts at 20s.besides these the chance of dying for a smoker is 20 times more then non-smoker.(These reports are collected from web desk) But all the reports are real.i think these reports are made on the basis of study and research but in reality the number of death and affected from various smoking related diseases are more than these reports.

Smoking cigarette is the first step of all kinds of drug addiction.children who starts smoking early in life becomes addicted to other serious drugs in their next we can say that smoking cigarette is the basis of all other drug addiction.we should study more and know more about the effects of smoking.


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      6 years ago

      Why it is not easy to quit it....?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Why it is not easy to quit it....?

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      6 years ago

      hi how are you you have started ertting here. i like you writing.


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