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The Effects of Alcohol to Your Unborn Child

Updated on September 9, 2011

We always hear from our parents and from a lot of people that drinking is not good for pregnant women. Many of them try to avoid drinking when they are pregnant but some still can't control their urge to drink. Some women though do their best to refrain from drinking as they believe that alcohol is really bad for their baby. How true is this? According to many studies, alcohol is very much dangerous to your unborn baby and the problem is not only temporary but can affect the life of you child lifetime. The most major problem that would arise from this condition is what we call the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). This life-long condition is best characterized by abnormal facial features, poor baby growth and possible damage to the baby's central nervous system.

These problems may include problems in speech, language, learning and attention span. In some cases, babies may become hyperactive. FASD is one of the most common causes of mental retardation that is not hereditary.

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Drinking of alcohol when pregnant is one of the major causes of birth defects in the child. This may also result to a small head and abnormal behavioral development and attention deficit disorders in the children born with drinking mothers when pregnant. These children though may not show visible physical deformity. It is advised that a pregnant woman abstain from drinking alcohol as this may result to some very serious health problems to your unborn child later in his life.

When a pregnant woman drinks, the alcohol travel through your bloodstream quickly. It then crosses the placenta and immediately reaches your baby. Since alcohol there is broken down slowly, your baby ends up with higher levels of alcohol than what you have. In this way, even as little as a single glass of alcohol a day may endanger you baby's health some of which may raise your child of having problems in speech, attention span, his learning capability and may also result to hyperactivity. Babies with mothers who drink may also be born with lower weight. These children are more likely to have a delinquent and aggressive behavior too.

It is necessary for a woman to be extra careful of herself when pregnant. Practices like smoking, drinking, eating too much fatty foods and sweet foods should be avoided. Enough sleep is also required in order to have a healthy baby. The proper diet which includes fruits, vegetables protein and other healthy food groups is necessary. Taking milk rich in zinc, folic acid, iron and other supplements will also help greatly. Taking that extra step while you are pregnant will help you avoid the many health problems that your child may experience when he is growing up. This will also ensure for you to have a healthy and more energetic baby.


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      jeanster 6 years ago

      You might like to read my hub, the unborn child.

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      fashion 6 years ago

      Informative hub.well done