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Egg Cleansing: A Centuries-Old Healing Practice

Updated on March 11, 2010

Shamanic Therapy Called Egg Cleansing

Egg Cleansing: A Shamanic Method of Healing

Have you ever observed or tried the shamanic style of curing the sick which they call egg cleansing? Referred to in Spanish language as La Limpia, egg cleansing is an exotic sort of shamanic therapy that utilizes a raw egg and smoke to swiftly purify a person's aura and to aid them with their healing process.

A common observance all through central and South America, egg cleansings are commonly done by the Curandera (healer) in the area. Up to now, this centuries-old way has not been relatively heard outside Mesoamerica.

At a therapy practice, a raw egg is run over the body of the patient submitting to therapy. It is thought that the egg takes in bad energy from many parts of the body. Unhealthiness, stress, energy dormancy and other illnesses are thought to be cured by the old process.

Smoke is also employed to clear up the auric part of the body. The smoke, in Mexico, is usually obtained from burning copal, the dried fluid of the Copal tree. This tree is believed to be consecrated by the Mayans and the other native groups who observe egg cleansing.

When the therapist reads into the client's egg, one of the most amazing parts of the process comes about after the session. When the ritual has concluded, the egg is sunk into water and evaluated. Shamans can see how the yolk and egg white are suspended in the water, making them help the person being treated become aware of things and address their problems in life.

When the Egg Cleansing exercise has concluded, the patient typically obtains a feeling of lightness and an overall appreciation of good health.

The Author: Kalyn Raphael

A born educator and health practitioner, Kalyn Raphael is an authority in spiritual healing from personal development practices to the centuries-old shamanic therapy methods. She has performed with the nagual don Miguel Ruiz (best selling author of The Four Agreements, and now The Fifth Agreement) and has looked into healing with don Miguel's mother, Mother Sarita (a popular curandera). Her education in egg cleansings was even enhanced when she made a choice to find out more about this amazing process in the YucatanPeninsula jungles in Mexico. That choice made Kalyn discover a close bond with Maria and made her admire more her own Mayan upbringing.

In her recently-published book, Egg Cleansings, Kalyn presents her experience of the egg cleansing technique, making this aged therapeutic system available to all. She imparts her Toltec teachings on personal development in online lessons and through power journeys.

Egg cleansings are a seemingly mystical, light and festive practice. They are vibrant and transformational. They work with nature to attain a place of connection and balance for all of us. Participants who take multiple treatment sessions are actually elevated to a new area- their energy is constantly lifted because of this old method of healing. In this elevated disposition, Clients feel more robust, more capable in life, and healthier.

Egg cleansings are also very exceptional, a bit perplexing, but highly favorable. It is a type of therapeutic procedure which is still almost not known outside of Mesoamerica. For countless decades already, shamans or curanderos have helped their people reach spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being through their antiquated ways. They have a variety of healing solutions, but one of the most effective procedures that they use is egg cleansing.

LimpĂ­as or Egg cleansings are an atypical healing approach which is done by running a raw egg over the body of the participant being cleansed. Such a practice may seem very simple but its effects are amazing. It is done to clear a participant's energy field, removing energetic and physical wastes. Individuals are positively opened and loosened, relaxed and brought to a more healthy state. After a cleansing session, participants surprisingly report feeling lighter, more balanced and happier.

So, what's the fantastic thing about an egg? Egg cleansings are carried out by shamans through the use of egg and smoke. Not like most modes of healing that slowly move or concentrate on one portion of the body at a time, egg cleansings are enacted with constant movement as the healer runs the egg over the individual's whole body. The cleanse works with both the energetic and physical state of the client . This is one of the awesome benefits of the egg cleanse - its magical effects touch the aura as well as the structured aspects (emotional, physical, and mental bodies ) of the person being treated .


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