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Best Egg White Protein Powders 2014

Updated on January 10, 2014
The best way to get protein is to eat real eggs but if your time and appetite cannot catch up with the needs of your muscles, a protein powder can  give you a quick fix.
The best way to get protein is to eat real eggs but if your time and appetite cannot catch up with the needs of your muscles, a protein powder can give you a quick fix.

Egg white protein powders remain one of the top choices for people who are involved in sports and particularly bodybuilding. This is no surprise as egg albumen is a rich source of complete protein and devoid of the excess calories that are concentrated in the yolk. There are a number of methods used in determining protein quality of different types of food such as biological value and protein efficiency ratio and egg rates on a par with milk in every one of these methods. It is even named the gold standard of proteins because of its effectiveness. Furthermore, success stories of athletes and bodybuilders who depend on eating huge numbers of eggs fill the internet.

Top Protein Powders

This review focuses on the best selling protein supplements in the market and attempts to provide some impartial insight into advantages and idsadvantages of each product.

Whatever your reason is for searching the best egg white protein powder. This review is meant to help you in finding the product you need. To accomplish this, first general info on egg protein and egg protein products has been provided. Next, some of the best selling egg protein supplements have been listed together with an aboveboard discussion of pluses and minuses each product has. Having read this article you should feel clear about the various egg proteins in the market and it will be up to you to choose the one you need.

How to Find the Best Egg White Protein

There are a few factors we need to check when choosing the most preferrable egg protein powder.

Protein Content and Calories: This is what decides the quality of any protein powder. You are buying these products basically because you want to get a lot of protein without getting unneeded calories. Then the best egg white protein powder is the one with the highest protein per unit weight and the lowest calories.

Additives: Some protein supplements contains additives that make the powder more mixable or better tasting. These chemicals are of course not going to bring about immediate hazards for your health but it is always best not to take into your body stuff that is not part of the natural human diet.

Taste, texture and mixability: People sometimes pay much attention to how the protein powder tastes but in my idea, it is a minor issue when compared to what nutrients it gives you. Also, taste is a very subjective matter. A powder that is disgusting for someone may turn out to be a delicacy for another. This is why I do not believe it is practical to judge a protein powder by its taste.

Texture and mixability are somewhat more important. You want you protein powder to take no time to mix into a shake so you can take it quickly and move on with whatever you are doing.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Egg Protein

This is one of the most popular egg proteins out there and that is why it found its way into this review. Optimum Nutrition is a brand that offers some decent supplements but this one is not one of them. Selling well probably because of the brand name and the cool-looking container it has, Gold Standard Egg Protein cannot be named the best of Optimum Nutiriton company.

One Scoop
35 g
24 g
1 g
5 g

There is no need to say much really. The protein content of this powder is the lower than all other powders in this review. And it has the most calories per scoop. So what we have here is less protein and more junk.

Optimum Nutrition seems to love putting synthetic sweeteners in its products. In this one, we come across Acesulfame-K and Sucralose. These are accepted as safe stuff but personally I find them dislikable at best. By consuming this protein powder you will be taking these chemicals regularly. This is just another minus.

Not offering such great features, Optimum Nutrition is also very expensive when compared to Now's egg white protein and Healty'n Fit. Despite these points, there are still many people out there who will prefer this product. My advice is to check out the powders reviewed below before spending your money on this one.

Now Foods Eggwhite Protein Powder

This is a great egg protein. Now Foods company produces some of the best protein powders and their idea is simply to produce pure protein without sweeteners or other stuff. Again, we come across a Now product with high protein content, few calories and no non-food substances.

One Scoop
20 g
16 g
1 g

Now Foods Eggwhite Protein Powder is 80% protein by weight. This is one of the best protein contents you should hope to find in a supplement making this one a top choice. Devoid of all the fat and with very little carb, Now's protein powder has less than 5 calories per gram of protein. Now Foods company achieves this great ratio simply by excluding any additives.

Some customers claim that the taste is somewhat salty. This created the impression in some that the powder actually contains salt. Yet, it is clear in the product specs that it has no salt, no sugar, no soy, no additives and no nothing but egg albumen. This powder will not introduce to your body various unwarrented chemicals and you will only be getting what your muscles need: Protein! This is another strong point of Now egg protein powder.

Not surprisingly, there are complaints about the taste and smell of this egg protein. Again, I want to remind that many nice-tasting powdes do it with chemicals and Now Foods Eggwhite is one of the healthiest supplements out there because it does not aim to provide you with artificial aromas.

In short, Now's egg white protein is a great choice because it is rich in protein, does not have any additives and has the right price. This product is strongly recommended and can only be challenged by Health'n Fit egg protein discussed below. Comparing the two, their prices are similar. Health'n Fit has more protein and appears to be a bit more appetizing while Now Foods is more free of additives.

One Scoop
33 g
24 g
4 g

Jay Robb Egg White Protein

Jay Robb is another brand with a quite popular egg protein. The protein powder has adequate features but the cost is way too much for what it offers.

One scoop of Jay Robb weighs 33 g and contains 24 g of protein. that makes about 75% protein. Not bad. Jay Robb egg protein has no fat in it but it does have some carbs that makes its calorie count 120 per scoop. Again, this is OK but not the best. If you choose to buy the unflavored version, you will get slightly less calories with slightly more protein but again it will hardly as good as Now Foods and is way more expensive.

Jay Ross's egg powder does have some additives but they are not things to cause huge concern. The unflavored variety only has lecithin from sumflower seeds. Flavored varieties have stevia in addition to xylitol and xanthan gum and natural flavors.

As for the taste, many like it, few hate it. To make an unbiased comment, we can say it is one of the better tasting powders and definitely more tasty than Now Foods Eggwhite. Customers also report that it is rather easy to mix. These are pluses but the price is still far too much for what it gives.

To conclude, Jay Robb is not a bad choice and it can even be a go if the taste is a huge issue for you. But concerning the nutritional value and the price, there are better alternatives.

Healthy 'n Fit 100% Egg Protein

What we see here is an almost excellent product with a competitive price. This is the egg protein powder I would have bought for myself.

A quick research about the brand reveals that Healthy 'n Fit was the company that produced the first egg protein some 30 years ago so they are sort of the inventor of what we are discussing here. Even today, the primary product by this company remains the egg protein powder. This gives the first impression that we have the best egg white protein powder here. Checking out the product specs and customer reviews validates the impression.

One Scoop
28 g
24 g

Healthy 'n Fit Egg Protein is the one with the highest protein content. A scoop of 28 g contains 24 g of protein, which is more than 85 %! None of the protein powders reviewed on this page can rival this product in offering protein in the most intense form. Furthermore, Healthy 'n Fit Egg Protein contains no carbs or fat and so gives you only a little more than 4 calories per gram of protein! This one could be called the dream protein powder.

Healthy 'n Fit Egg White Powder has stevia in it as sweetener. This is a non-calorie, plant-based stuff. It also has bromelain. People involved in bodybuilding should be familiar with this great substance. It occurs naturally in pineapples and helps with protein absorbtion and muscle recovery. Nice ingredient. Finally, we come across Papain. This is basically a natural digestive enzyme that will help you digest the protein. Papain has been causing some controversy because sometime ago its topical use was restricted when some people showed allergic symptoms but there is no known hazards for eating it. Finally, the powder contains Soy Lecithin, which is used to give protein powders a better texture.

The additives in Healthy 'n Fit powder seem to work because many of those who tried this one report that it blends easily and completely, without making any grit in the shake. In addition, people seem to like the taste in general but as mentioned before, taste is a very subjective issue.

One final astonishing thing about this supplement is the cost. Comparing the prices and doing some maths, it is revealed that Healthy 'n Fit is offering this very high quality product at a price that is actually lower than the other protein powders we have reviewed above. This final point leaves no questions about Healthy 'n Fit's protein powder. This is the best egg white protein powder and will be highly beneficial to anyone trying to pack on some muscle.

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