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Electric Cigarette Smokers Save 50-90% Per Year On Smokes

Updated on March 28, 2016

There are three factors why most smokers proceed to smoke cigarettes regardless of the assoicated health effects and social complications. The first reason quite a few smokers supply is that these folks simply enjoy the behavior too much. For others, they state that they simply are not ready to give up yet. The third reason quite a few smokers offer for not stopping the behavior is that they are too stressed at the moment to do so. These 3 reasons seriously surround the heart of the situation. If you condense this down to a bottomline, the principal reason that people who smoke have for refusing to stop cigarette smoking is that nicotine offers enjoyment to the consumer. Similar to the normal launch of endorphines right after a distance runner completes a 5k race, or marathon, nicotine equally encourages regions of the mind that release dopamine, a natural pleasure mechanism. This creates the calming effect within the user, and becomes something that smokers enjoy, and look ahead to. Truthfully, smokers get pleasure from the nicotine, and it is the nicotine which drives their decision to carry on smoking.

A lot of wellbeing professionals and scientists within the international healthcare community have stated that nicotine itself is not a hugely harmful compound. These healthcare experts see nicotine as a compound which is equivalent to caffeine in it's utilization and benefits. Both are stimulants, and neither has been demonstrated to be damaging to date, or they would have been removed from consumer products long ago. The issue with nicotine use is that the delivery strategy of choice is generally via burning tobacco in cigarettes and cigars. It's the process of inhaling this smoke that is the most harmful to ones health.
A new development in know-how has been developed, however, that duplicates the smoking process with out smoke. This new invention is named the electric cigarette, and it provides dozens of positive aspects over basic cigs. The focal point of this article is one benefit which can be very vital to all people throughout our current financial downturn; the ability to conserve between 50 and 90% per month on cigarettes.

2nd hand smoke concerns grew to become a public wellbeing problem over the last two decades, with both state and federal governments passing legislation to control where people who smoke can get pleasure from cigarettes. They additionally elevated taxes on tobacco products by way of sin tax legislation. The end result is that a pack of premium cigarettes has doubled in value from $2 or $3, to over $6 in a similar time period. Pack a day smokers now invest over two thousand bucks per year to maintain the habit. For those that smoke 2 packs per day, it doubles to a expense of almost $4,500.00 USD per year. Compared to median incomes, this can represent 10-20% of pre tax income for some individuals, which is unfathomable. Add the pressure of a failing financial system in recession, and it becomes obvious how major this financial weight is for people who smoke to carry.

Electric cigarettes, however, are quickly starting to be the solution to this financial nightmare.

To fully grasp how they conserve cash for people who smoke, you must realize how they work. Electric cigarettes are composed of 5 major parts: the battery, the atomizer, smoke juice, the cartridge, and the recharging mechanism. Electric cigarettes have been developed to perfectly recreate the cigarette smoking experience and that starts with the battery. The battery is the front half of the electric cigarette. It appears like the part of a cigarette which consists of the burning tobacco. Electric cigarettes also have an LED cherry to mimic the glow that is seen once a smoker inhales. The battery end of the smoke (with the LED cherry) connects to the atomizer, which is the engine for the electric smoke. The atomizer draws power from the battery and utilizes it to heat smoke juice, and vaporizes it to deliver nicotine in a vapor to the smoker. The cartridge afterwards connects to the atomizer, where the filter wouldnormally exist on a smoke. This cartridge has a special reservoir that holds smoke juice to be sent to the atomizer, but additionally has a unique layout which permits vapor to cross as a result of it transporting the nicotine. Smoke juice, the 4th part, is generally water, flavoring, nicotine, and 1 or 2 vapor creating ingredients. These chemicals are already in use in devices like asthma inhalers, and are normally taken to be safe. For smokers concerned about safety, this seems to be a far superior choice once compared to the 4,000 chemicals that smokers are exposed to with traditional smokes. Smoke juices come in hundreds of flavors with customizable nicotine levels from zero to full flavor strengths. The vapor producing chemical(s) that are incorporated in the smoke juice, make the water vapor that is exhaled look like regular smoke, further duplicating the entire experience. The final element is the recharging cable which can recharge batteries when they are not in use so that the electronic cigarette can be employed over and over again. Smokers that have used this amazing device have been particularly satisfied, and a lot see the electronic cigarette as the future of cigarette smoking.

What is also incredible however is how the device saves smokers cash.

The first thing is that smokers of electronic cigarettes merely replace 2 elements: atomizers and cartridges. Atomizers generally endure for 1-2 months, and cost about 5 dollars per piece. Even if a smoker replaces the atomizer monthly, there is solely a $5 cost to do so. The cartridges are thrown away when the smoke juice has been consumed, and a carton of cartridges equal to a carton of cigarettes typically runs about $20 USD. A lot of top quality cigarette brands cost about $55 per carton now in the USA, once tax is considered. So a pack a day smoker would typically consume 3 cartons per month (close to $165). Moreover, many smokers can not manage the price break of getting cartons, and are really forced to buy by the pack, for upwards of $6 each. Their month-to-month cost at a pack a day comes closer to $180 or more, per month.

On the other hand, an electric smoker, can buy 3 cartons of cartridges for about $65 which includes the cost of a new atomizer each month. This signifies a 60% savings, or about $1300 saved over the duration of a year. Once again, if a smoker uses two packs per day, the financial savings doubles to around $2600 USD/year. But the savings can basically be even greater.

One unique property about electric cigarettes is that they don't burn. Once a smoker is interrupted from smoking usually, they have to sit their cigarette down in an ashtray or receptacle, until they can return. If they don't return fast enough, it has burned straight down to the filter no matter if they smoked it or not. Also, people who smoke tend to put out cigarettes early if they are interrupted, and quite a few are forced to light a new one once they are prepared to resume. With electric cigarettes, the smoker never has to make this compromise. As electronic cigarettes are more efficient, smokers get to enjoy every last drop of smoke juice before moving on to their following cartridge. So this saves income.

Electric cigarettes do not contain tobacco, so they are not placed beneath the sin tax legislations that have been written recently. That is why they have this kind of a steep price benefit over regular smokes.

One more reason that a lot of electric cigarette smokers review preserving cash is that the electrical cigarettes do not contain 4,000 chemicals like regular cigarettes. A lot of people who smoke imagine that what had pushed them to smoke substantial figures of cigarettes daily was actually from an dependancy to the chemicals which the tobacco manufacturers had added. With a purer experience, customers of electronic cigarette devices are experiencing the fulfillment of nicotine with no the supply of 1000's of unwanted chemicals. The consequence in many smokers is that they discover they smoke far less frequently than they did with regular cigarettes, and the financial savings can be stretched additional, to 80 or 90% in some cases.

Though there are virtually dozens of factors to switch from traditional smokes to an electric smoke, it is this financial advantage which may be one of the most compelling. Share this news with any people who smoke that you know, as it should surely boost their financial outlook this year and for many years to come.


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    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 20 months ago from Kaufman, Texas

      I'm blowing vape smoke at the screen now.

      I love me some gosh damn nicotine, and that is just where it is at. Vaping allowed me to save dollars, and improve my tar coating my lungs, so I don't get short of breath, and I don't have no smoker's cough.

      ....but I'll still enjoy me a cigarette or cigar every once in a while too :)