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Electronic Cigarette Risks

Updated on September 22, 2010

What You Should Know Before Trying It

To some one who might have heard of the term electronic cigarettes for the first time, this product might look like a gift from God to those who finding it extremely difficult to quit smoking. You might also think that there’s absolutely no downside to electronic cigarette smoking. Going to back to reality, this is definitely not the truth. Even though nothing has been scientifically proven yet, there are some doctors who say that electronic cigarette risks are definitely out there and all people should be aware of them. Here are some of these risks.

Electronic Cigarette Risks
Electronic Cigarette Risks

Basic Principles

The electronic cigarette uses a very basic principle. What the steam does is make the body believe that the mist that it is inhaling is smoke that comes from actual cigarettes. If you’re already assuming that the electronic cigarettes couldn’t possibly exist, better think again.

Addiction to Nicotine

One of the most major risks is that it increases your addiction to nicotine. If you’re already a nicotine addict, then it’ll make you even more obsessed about nicotine. One of the reasons behind this increased want is that it makes you think that you’re craving for a more convenient form of nicotine. Another thing that e-cigarettes do is that it makes your brain assume that you’re not doing anything wrong.

Doctor Recommends

There are certain doctors who argue that electronic cigarettes doing nothing to make you less addicted to nicotine. You are not really finding a cure for the addiction, you are just looking for another way to get that high that nicotine happens to give.

Even though there are some doctors who highly recommend using electronic cigarettes, there are those who still recommend the old products that are designed to help other people quit smoking. Gums and nicotine patches happen to be two of them. Aside from being traditional, these products are also proven to be safe and effective. Group therapy options are actually more preferred by doctors. You just have to remember that the thing that makes these electronic cigarette risks so grave is the fact that electronic cigarettes are not that well-researched.


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