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Electronic Cigarettes for Quitting Smoking

Updated on June 29, 2010

Electronic Cigarettes and Quitting Smoking

Last October I ended up quitting smoking. I did it successfully and I did it cold turkey, no patches no electronic cigarettes no nicotine gum or anything to help me. The thing is though that it was not easy at all. My body craved nicotine, I could not stop wanting to feel the smoke going down my throat and into my lungs and when I smelled a cigarette while I was quitting it was the most amazing perfume I had ever smelt. To this day it is still somewhat difficult at times to not have a cigarette, especially when I am stressed.

This past week I was back in Canada visiting a friend and for a work trip and the work part got extremely stressful. Not only did I end up almost losing it, but my friend who I was visiting is a smoker so between the stress and him smoking I was going crazy. The thing is that there is about 3 things that I think most smokers miss the most when they quit. The nicotine, the feeling, the habit of holding and feeling the cigarette in between your hands. These are things that a patch or nicotine gum just cannot give to you. When I almost relapsed this week and picked up a cigarette, I could have smacked myself for almost giving in and decided to search for an alternative. While searching the internet I came across electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes seemed like they would just be something to replace the regular tobacco based cigarettes with and then I would be hooked on them. I have friends that use gum and patches and although it worked for some, other got addicted to them instead of the tobacco cigarettes so when I saw the first few electronic cigarette brands and tried to figure out which was the best electronic cigarette brand I decided none of them would be the best for me. Almost all of the electronic cigarettes I found still had nicotine and my goal was to break my nicotine and tobacco habit, not find a new way to inhale or smoke it. I was just about to give up my search on alternatives using electronic cigarettes when I came across the site above for what I would consider the best electronic cigarette. It is called the Electro Cigarette.

What made the Electro Cigarette the best electric cigarette for me, or in my opinion, was that unlike some of the other brands I had come across, you could order an electric cigarette from them without having to buy a vapor cartridge loaded with nicotine. That is what started to sell me on this e cigarette. Not only did it look and sound like it felt like a real cigarette, but from watching people test it, when they took a puff off of the e cigarette it lit up like a real tobacco cigarette. It was awesome! What made it even better was watching the vapor part. The people in the testimonials video I saw on a blog (I can't remember which one) actually looked like real smoke and they said it felt like it to. Because of the look and feel and e cigarette cartridges that come without nicotine, I decided that if I was going to buy an electronic cigarette, the Electro e cigarette would be the one I would choose.

The Electro Cigarette not only relieves the need to feel and hold a cigarette, but it also looks like it helps to relieve the want and need for the physical feeling and visual feeling with the vapor and light up tip. The only thing missing is the nicotine but after a few days when the nicotine withdrawal wears off, the others should be able to help you through the more difficult part of quitting smoking.

Now I cannot say that electronic cigarettes will help you quit smoking or are a cure or fix for everyone, especially because I didn't use an electronic cigarette to quick smoking, but for me the Electro Electronic Cigarette is one that definitely stands out to me as something that could have definitely helped me with quitting smoking. If you had success with this Electronic Cigarette or were able to quit using them, feel free to leave a comment below.


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