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Electronic Harassment, Gang-stalking and Mental-Invasion

Updated on May 29, 2017

Gangstalking and Mental-Invasion

If you are here, it means that you sense that something is very wrong but no one says anything about your plight. Your ears ring, your head aches and everyone around you seems to be whittling away at your strength somehow. The reason this is happening to you is THE biggest event this world has ever faced: a mental-invasion by rapacious thought-patterns. People who have been successfully invaded are all connected in a very unnatural way to each other. They also have the ability to know things only you would know. Each of these "people" were once just like you and I. They experienced exactly the things we are experiencing: excruciating pain without any physical cause, mind-games from everyone around them and ultimately.............something penetrated their consciousness and REPLACED them.

I noticed these "people" as a child. They made my head ache and I got the feeling that they were trying to get inside a place in my mind where they had no business being. There are so many people online complaining that the government is spying on them and using electronic equipment to harass them. They call themselves "targeted individuals" or "TI's". The truth is that every remaining human being on the planet is targeted by these things and no one says a thing about it. No part of any government ANYWHERE acknowledges this threat. People in Sweden are experiencing the very same symptoms that people here in the US are. You won't see this on the news and Amnesty International will ignore your pleas for help. We appear to be on our own for now.

To stay alive and avoid being invaded/replaced, we must know how to fight back and when to do this. The strategy is to subject you to repeated psychological insults at the hands of the invaded. This comes in the form of mind-games that violate us on the deepest level, yet provide no proof that anything happened. They also use body-language that creates an image of your mental "wall" being breached by one of them. In my experience, most of these attacks on our inner-selves comes in through the ears. They will hit you with an electric shock at the very same time that you are subjected to a loud noise so as to cause a "startle" response. They have the means of delivering sounds that create excruciating pain.

At one point in time, the intense pain I was experiencing motivated me to wear earplugs to work. This brought great relief. Later on, I discovered that music somehow jammed these "special sounds" that caused so much agony. I remember listening to music all day for months to avoid this agony created by their "noise campaigns". The discovery that music played through earphones brings relief was truly an awesome breakthrough! Were it not for my I-pod, I don't know if I could have made it this far. You'll know that you are being attacked via sound because your ears will ring. Somehow, these sounds are capable of producing brutal agony. When they increased the intensity of these sounds, I bought a headphone-amplifier to boost the music and reduce my sensitivity. At one point I could feel the music and the "sound" battling for my attention. Music gives your brain something else to listen to, jamming these "special sounds". Do not wait until you are nearly a goner to take these counter-measures.

If they weaken you enough, they will try to invade your mind. This is what everything is about: a mental-invasion in which the human mind is deleted and replaced by something else. You'll hear people go on and on that they are being attacked by people who are being paid to do this. FALSE: we are being psychologically attacked by invaded minds with the intent that we will eventually be INVADED AND REPLACED also. People who have been invaded do not move naturally. They all act together as one unit. Something external and artificial controls them. They might look normal on the outside, but inside is a completely different story.

Here is what a mental invasion attempt is like. You'll be weak - they do not try to do this unless you are at a psychological low. In this weakened mental-state, you'll feel something penetrate your consciousness and attack the very substance of your being. These things know how to get at the "seat of the soul". I saw the thing that was trying to replace me. It was black, slimy and hostile. It looked like an "alien". Whatever these things are, if this better win the struggle! This is what I did to survive: I thought of the most barbaric act I'd be willing to do before I'd let this thing win. It must be mean enough to almost shock you, but you must remain in control if you want to live. If you ever wind up here, it had better be truly awful. You say to yourself: "I'd rather do THIS than give you control!" as you imagine this gruesome act. If you do not fight, you will LOSE.

In summary: we have been invaded by something that is able to penetrate the mind and kill who we are, replacing us with something that obeys something external to the self. There are not many of us left. The invaded will do whatever stresses us out, draining us of the energy necessary to fight off an invasion-attempt. Most of their attacks enter VIA THE EARS. If you listen to music at full volume through earphones, you will be able to literally "jam" these sounds that create so much agony. Privacy does not exist because these "people" can read our thoughts. If you focus on maintaining your own personal energy, you'll probably survive. If you suffer an invasion-attempt, you had better think of something sufficiently horrific to repel these things.


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