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Electronically-Induced "Tinnitus": Here's Solid Proof

Updated on February 10, 2016

Proof of Electronically-Induced Tinnitus

I am going to PROVE the fact that the "ringing in the ears" many of us are experiencing can easily be produced by most cellular phones. Let's start with a commercially-available, legal device strictly made for the purpose of controlling human behavior known as "The Mosquito". Just type in the search-word: "The Mosquito" and you'll find out exactly what it is and exactly how it works. It has been used by various commercial establishments for the sole purpose of preventing young people from "loitering"/congregating near their businesses. Because young people have a higher sensitivity to high frequencies, this device was specifically manufactured for the purpose of dispersing youth. Well, if you increase the intensity of the beam and alter the frequency, ANYONE can be targeted. I was able to find plenty of places where you could get yourself a unit able to project this "disorienting/annoying" sound up to 50 Meters.

There's more: you can download "The Mosquito Frequency" (along with many variants which are much worse) directly onto your cell-phone which is capable of playing them just like any other ringtone. Reports exist that youth have used this "Mosquito Frequency" as a discrete way to take calls/text messages in the presence of adults who are unable to hear it. That doesn't bother me, but if you can download a disorienting/repellant frequency onto your cellular phone and turn the volume up sufficiently: you can discreetly torture/harass anyone you feel like just by using your Cellular Telephone. Add to this the fact that our ears have somehow been rendered EXTREMELY SENSITIVE (hyperacusis), these tones can really hurt/disorient people who have been targeted for harassment.

There is one particular frequency which has been used on me. It used to come and go. Now I get hit with it 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. If you want to get an idea of what this sounds like, go to You-Tube and look up "Tingly Sound" which was made up by a user whose "internet handle" is "imsoeevil". This sounds very close to the clearly-rhythmic tinnitus I've been getting for the last 3 years. The frequency being used on me is much higher because I just so happen to be someone who is naturally sensitive to high-frequency sound. To harass an older person, a lower-pitched "Mosquito-frequency" can be used.

Once I realized that these bastards were slowly driving me nuts using SOUND, I embarked on my own routine to render my ears LESS SENSITIVE to this high-pitched/mentally-disorienting sound. After weeks of my own "Desensitization therapy", which includes listening to music run through an EARPHONE AMPLIFIER and daily consumption of Quinine (found in Canada Dry tonic water), I found that my "torture frequency" became slurred into a continuous high-pitched sound which lacked the punch it once did. Furthermore, I was/am no longer sensitive to LOUD NOISES. Before I desensitized my hearing, each day was a torture-session: people coughing a certain way, the dropping of objects, the revving of car engines, the sirens used by the Fire Department, clicking/popping noises sounding like they were coming from inside my residence, even people clicking keys on computers/ cash registers caused me to be repeatedly startled. These were often accompanied by the "Electric Shock Feeling" to cause me to become very stressed-out as the day progressed. Now these things have no effect on me whatsoever.

Now, I blasted my ears so hard that the earphones actually became noticeably hot.........and my ability to hear kept on regenerating. I'd be virtually deaf for about a week or so (which was utterly blissful compared to being "bullied by noises/high-frequency sounds"), then my hearing would become progressively re-sensitized. Right now I can hear people just about as well as I could before this harassment began. I still get hit with a variety of frequencies which I can un-fortunately perceive, causing me to take medication which block/slur it. Clonopin works very well for the stress these frequencies produce, Kratom works (but don't use it for more than 2 is potentially addicting), Zoloft works (especially if you have not used it before), Effexor works well by simply upping your willpower. Stopping it and taking Adrafinil will allow to "run over" these frequencies for another 2-3 weeks. Because these people find ways of compensating for your medication, you must change what you are using, how much you use and when you are taking them to continue to elude their ability to stress you out. Cymbalta works very well if you've been on Zoloft for a number of years and it has ceased to shut them out. It also ups your tolerance to pain from the tinnitus and other non-lethal weapons to annoy/disorient/muddle your thinking. But I digress!

I have noticed that when people are using cell-phones (especially the new advanced types) near me, I become irritated and disoriented. The television is also used to send out these frequencies, which when combined with specific pictures/words makes for one Hell of a torture-session. Here's my point: if anyone can download frequencies proven to irritate/mentally-disorient someone, then Cell-Phones can be effectively used as tools to torture/harassment against ANYONE. It seems that if you wanted to file a class-action lawsuit against an institution for pain and suffering: Cell-Phone companies might be a good place to start! This is sort of like dispensing weapons to anyone with the know-how to upload these frequencies. A group of people could easily follow someone around or be placed along routes we take on a daily basis to continually harass us all day long. At work, someone DEFINITELY used such a device on me on a daily basis. When you come home, some jerk could easily beam you with one of these units capable of directing these frequencies up to 50 meters, possibly more.

I know that living near a cell-phone tower is Pure Hell and that being near someone using a Cell-Phone is ALSO just plain awful. My stalkers used to sit near me in Restaurants admonishing me to: "Pick up the PHONE, dude!". When you've been tortured by ear-ringing sounds all day long and you feel drained and stressed-out, these people will make references to a "Mister Caldwell" (meaning you have been CALLED-WELL). So it looks like Cell-Phones are much more than mere props used in the gangstalking process, they are actually weapons!

So here are several things you can do: you COULD actually buy one of these units and use it in whatever way you choose. If your upstairs neighbor is continually stomping around when you are trying to sleep and your ears are ringing loudly, you could hypothetically do a number of things (just use your imagination)! I lived beneath someone who would jump onto the floor above me, repeatedly causing my over-sensitized ears to produce a startle reaction. I often received "body-shocks" at PRECISELY the same time they would stomp or jump. I fought back by playing loud, offensive music. Luckily for me, my stalker didn't call the police. Now, this device is affordable and there are no laws controlling how it is used. Be creative!


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    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Sorry about that you felt in that way, my intention was good.

      I think that one of good ways is really “fight” the brain wave influence, because for what all this appear to me until now is they are building a prison on mind, through projected fake brain wave, trying to test and know the fails... it's really a good way, learn with the machine ;)

      I remember when they put me a sleep in few minutes (heart racing in middle of the night - this is giving me a less easy job), manipulating senses. When I understood the first signs I could fight and not to fall a sleep like a rock without tomorrow lol neverthless I fight the signs but until now I didn't reach yet to a coffee move, but I'm on my way to ;) Even that program of awaking in middle of the night to freeze cold as dead people, or feeling so sick, can be stopped . Yesterday for example was a fighting without break, was always changing wave; they did it, I change, very few time after that they did again, I change it, it was... my body felt this all way... because I take some time to change the wave. I'm trying to understand how this works better.

      Now they update the saying “We have here a problem” , I know that you hear that “You give a headache to them”, they have many repetitive sentences, do you hear more sentences of this type?

      Like you, I feel like being recruited at force and sistematic I have one buggy, virus idea they are always trying to put on my mind, they change the way go around and finish always on the same idea, do you have this?

      My approach is different in medication, I don't take now, at first I did, few times, like physical shielding was the same, for now is been meditation, faith and mental strategy, most observation and some testing too, nevertheless I think wherever the technique or combination of techniques that each one of us use, the most important is getting good results and it's good have many approaches to look and I think always the best one is the Higher Being that take care of us.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      Man, I did not like it at all. It was like I had to fight to keep my brainwaves out-of-synch with what I presume are binaural beats. I've got my own Binaural Beat machine called the DavidPal 36 which simulates every feeling from the "Beta Perker" (gets you going just like a cup of coffee) to the "Alpha Relaxer" (really calms you down). That frequency started out real nice, then it turned into a very nasty feeling. Sometimes, I'll slap on the: headphones, electrical probes and glasses and "wrestle" with the particular frequency I'm playing to learn how to preserve my natural brainwaves so I can fight off un-wanted "fake emotions" when I'm under an electronic Binaural Attack.

      That "Salvation Frequency" really is the greatest thing. I spent 7 hours today just listening to it just to see where it would take me. I felt: bliss, filled with light and close to God when I did this. It actually has value beyond just avoiding mind-control. It seems to make you more: clear-headed, smarter and wiser. If you are taking medication to offset electronic harassment, you won't feel a need to take them when you are meditating upon this Frequency. Thus, by simply doing this every day, you could give your receptors a chance to up-regulate so that the medication would again become effective for TI's like us.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      I did heard it MOEFLATS, it's close to the frequency they did to me too. Mobile phones are much like little computer, I think that they even do things that we don't know...and is a thing of everyday's person... the best way to hide is really front of everyone noses...portable, lighter, cheaper, can have upgrades... unsuspected upgrades... All the high-tech that sorround us is immense that we almost don't notice because of the impregnation in our environment, but is a plug in to us, to our everyday...

      What I do in that kind "loud neighours move" is I give a lol in my mind, when they do that and say I don't fall for this is a simulation, a illusion, most of the times this work for me or even better I ignore.

      I think the most of the times people do things without conscience but don't do the same wave, they feed of bad vibe feedback, do as much smile, laughter, joke,ignore, that you can and use the best contrameasures that you have for the situation in hand even because you have soul, heart, can choose not to play there game, you are a warrior not a bandit. Don't let them push you. You are You!

      My latest days I started to run again and guess what they didn't like it, they stop my music a all day, only in the other day worked, then today the options of mobile were beeing jumping one after another without I ever touch the mobile.

      They started telling me that I give a headache to them, then they change and say that they will finish me and now they say they don't know what to do to me! :D They even put a guy in my way to talk a bit provocative to me, I say good day to him and continue my journey in run, with rocky survivor and mortal kombat mix! Excellent!! lol Now you know why they stop my player lol I think they are improving in speech don't you think? lol

      I find one thing in internet with frequencies perhaps you will like to try, if so, tell me please what did you feel when you heard it? Heard three or four times one after another. They say not to play it too loud. Here is the link