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Elemental Traces

Updated on September 8, 2015

Dynamic Cells

cellular structure
cellular structure | Source


Trace elements

As we look at the changes that the skin, molecular structure, and cells make in every re-combination or re-arrangement made; it is something that is quite fascinating and profound when we research it in depth.

Our cells are like new technological advances, simular and like the one advance that Kim Kardasian fame, used to rejuvenate her skin by injecting blood platelets in her face, and they are something extraordinary when considering these new technological advances in medicine. For example, DNA can be re-structured to enhance or prevent disease; it could also be used and re-injected into the body’s organs to restructure DNA.

Diseases like Huntington Disease, Leukemia, Cancer, and all or most all of the immune deficiency diseases could be reduced or eliminated with new technology to improve or save lives.

Another way might be possible in finding the genetic matching from both parents and drawing blood from the healthy blood cells or stem cells and re-injecting them into the liver where there is the most of the white blood cells and red blood cells are to be generated or re-generated; to rearrange or restructure new and healthy new cells. Wouldn’t that be wonderful and amazing to treat all illnesses?

DNA fingerprints and Paternity testing are the same types of tests that test the myoglobin for determining who these people are either are parents or committed crimes. Some of the tools we have to date are already in our hands to make way for new technological advances in medicine.

Some of the most famous DNA discoveries came from old and new technology like that of the discovery of Thomas Jefferson having children who were of mixed races and the lineage was traced with old and new DNA technology. Another famous case was that of a royal family the Romanov’s who were slaughtered and five of the corpses were found and DNA technology was used to find Chromosomes and Nucleotides through descendants of the Romanov’s well to make a long story short a discovery of a hankershift that was well preserved in a hospital lab contained the blood of one of the Romanov’s and this was linked and matched to a living descendant. This is an example of how long the blood can be preserved and they can draw it from bone and tissue of a corpse.

Our bodies are magnificent electromagnetic spheres and they maintain all of these amazing cells and atoms that are amazing in itself. The world within our own bodies intertwines many different instructions and functions at one time that there is too many to count. We are electric magnificent beings and our bodies are capable of the same.

DNA fingerprinting has come a long way and even as we speak or communicate many unresolved cases are being resolved because of DNA. The chromosomes and nucleotides can be tracked by computer because that is how they are matched with subjects. It is an amazing feat that both the technology of computers and that of DNA testing was used simultaneously. We are a generation of amazing beings that discovered and dared to dream bigger and better to make our world a better place.

All of the above are among the most elemental traces of new life, if you look at it in depth.

Volume 1, Issue 27, 3-16-2013

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