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How to Use Elevating Colors That Heal?

Updated on October 12, 2023
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is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

Wearing crystals are energizing!
Wearing crystals are energizing! | Source

Why Color Therapy?

Perhaps you don't know this, but your clothes and the colors of the rooms in your home affect you intuitively! How may you ask? Well, can you get a load of these color spectrum tidbits?

Coloring your world with various colors will make you feel more vibrant and change your mood from feeling creative to calming your spirit.

Specific colors contain a positive energy frequency that is highly therapeutic in elevating your mood and creating tranquility. These vibration frequencies affect your cells at different levels, helping to restore your equilibrium and homeostasis.

Red is exciting and aggressive! Wearing a ruby blouse or a tie to a job interview portrays a pioneering spirit with managerial qualities and high self-confidence. A scarlet room invites conversation and raises energy levels. Vermilion stones and crystals increase your perseverance, help you feel more cheerful, and increase vitality.

Warm colors of red, orange, and lemon are healing if you feel depressed and will make a room feel cozier. Orange will increase your appetite and yellow stimulates mental ability and concentration.

Cool colors of violet, blue, and green are calming if you feel too nervous and will make a room seem better thereby helping to relieve stress. A small pot of lavender flowers by your bedside is truly comforting in helping to create a relaxing slumber and peaceful aromatherapy.

Blue helps with creative expression. Wearing a sapphire blouse or suit to an interview denotes a feeling of power and trustworthiness. Navy stones denote royalty and prestige and help to reduce ragged emotions.

Positive Colors to Wear

Green symbolizes new life, growth, and tranquility. It is extremely rich in our natural world and produces a calming effect that is nurturing. Wearing verdant stones helps to attract money, wealth, and freedom of space.

It seems like time moves faster in a green or blue room for one reason or another.

White refreshes the brain and is a symbol of wholesomeness. Though milky white is truly not a color, it synergistically reveals all the colors and is also the symbol of purity. White stones help to pull down inflamed emotions and stressful situations.

Yellow emulates jealousy and is glorious.

Pink is also admirable and represents love and lifts the spirits!

Black, on the other hand, retains all colors and reflects an absence of all colors. It creates invisibility and inconspicuousness. It conceals and gives a sense of mystery, of the unknown. Wearing black clothing denotes a sense of solemnity and self-control. Black is chic and makes you look strong-willed.

Remember not to dress entirely unlit during an interview. The interviewer will think you're detached, self-absorbed, and possess a cold heart.

Orange hues are healing, and they give energy. Blue is immortal land light green is joyful!

Natural sunlight is the mother of all healing, where every combination of the color spectrum is felt. Allowing a significant amount of daylight into your home will give you an affinity with the common environment. It'll keep you in a positive mood and cheer your spirit without any effort on your part.

When nighttime falls it's best to sleep in a dark room with the light of the moon shining through a small window opening.

Green signifies new life.
Green signifies new life. | Source
Blue emulates trust.
Blue emulates trust. | Source
Red is affectionate.
Red is affectionate. | Source
Clear reflects all colors, it is not just one color!
Clear reflects all colors, it is not just one color! | Source

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Everybody Possesses a Special Color

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