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Eliminating the Dentist Drill Sound

Updated on March 28, 2012

One of the major fears of people who suffer from anxiety when they have a dental appointment looming is that awful dentist drill sound that becomes so magnified as it gets closer to your face. Whether it is the sound itself or whether it is knowing what is coming next, it certainly is a terrifying noise for many.

Despite all the advances in dentistry over the years and especially in procedures such as dental implants and tooth whitening, very little progress seems to have been made in reducing the noise from the drill.

Good news, however, is hopefully just around the corner with the invention of a new product which should help to do exactly that. In fact, it is thought that it may eliminate the sound altogether.

fear of the dentists drill is a major factor in not keeping up dental appointments
fear of the dentists drill is a major factor in not keeping up dental appointments

Inspired by a piece of technology used by the Lotus car manufacturers to reduce the road surface contact noise, this piece of equipment allows the patient to listen to music on their own personal MP3 players whilst detecting and eliminating the frequency which the dentist drill works on. It is believed that it will eliminate the dentist drill sound even when the actual drilling of the tooth is taking place and not simply when the drill is near to the patient.

Although some technologies have come close to achieving this, they have also blocked out the sound of the dentist which is a significant problem to both the patient and dentist when communication between them is needed.

Although work is still needed to be done on this invention, with the right backing, it is hoped that this piece of equipment will become standard in most dental practices and will encourage nervous or anxious patients to keep up regular appointments. We British do not have a good reputation when it comes to looking after our teeth, and avoidance of the dentist is a factor likely to play a part in this. By eliminating the dentist drill sound, however, perhaps this is all about to change.


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