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Elliptical Machines - High Intensity Interval Training

Updated on December 11, 2011

Interval training is the newest trend in exercising and weight loss and high intensity interval training – aka HIIT – helps the exerciser lose the weight faster. This type of training has been popular with professional sports teams for decades and most health clubs and home gyms are using their weight loss secrets to help everyone else. If you have a resistance cross train elliptical machine, HIIT is very easy for you to do.

HIIT is done by performing a number of high intensity workout routines for 1 to 3 minutes followed by a 2 to 6 minute recovery period of light resistance training. This routine can be programmed on a elliptical machines with a computer to help you get the proper HIIT workout you need. If you are just starting this type of workout, you will want to use the lower time frame in order to be able to build your body up to the proper intensity level.

Its possible to program your HIIT routines by having it simulate walking up a hill or using the interval training setting followed by a level walk or slower elliptical movement.  With this type of elliptical bike, you can manually adjust the settings to one that you are comfortable with. You should experiment with techniques and difficulty levels until you can continuously increase you power output and energy expenditure as well as expand your workout session to 10 to 20 minutes per day.

You will be amazed at how HIIT can help you lose weight.  Interval training combines the best of both worlds in walking and running and allows you to burn a lot of calories over and over again.  You will see yourself reaching a higher level of fitness faster and notice that your immune system is bolstered.  Plus you retain your muscle mass and help your body’s metabolism.  If you have access to elliptical exercise equipment, try the interval training setting instead of your usual workout.  You will feel good when you’re done exercising, you will start to lose weight faster and you will notice a difference in yourself very quickly.

Low-impact Exercise Workouts

Low-impact and easy to use, it is the perfect exercise machine for people who have problem joints or are going through physical therapy where the low-impact workout is needed.  Low-impact workouts are recommended nowadays for everyone and the dual action really is attractive to fitness buffs.

When you use an elliptical fitness machine, your body moves in the natural progression of walking but your feet never leave the machines pedals.  It is like walking on air, which is why this machine is so low impact.  There is no reverse action and you do not damage any muscles from your ankles to your lower back. The pedals themselves conform to your particular elliptical stride, making it the perfect machine for a multitude of people.  No one walks the same way as another person.

Cross trainers provide you not only with low-impact exercise but also weight bearing exercises which are important in helping the body remain pliable, and inhibit the onset of osteoporosis.  The dual action allows you to work many muscle groups at one time including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps.  You are able to work more joints and tone more muscles in less time because you burn more calories.  You actually work hard without even realizing it when using a trainer.  If you want the upper and lower body benefits, resistance on the handlebars is also a must.

Elliptical Workout Routines

Elliptical trainers allow you to vary your workout routines so boredom doesn’t set in.  You can climb a hill, interval train, do a weight loss program or even just do a full cardio routine.  All you have to do is program the system for what you want.  Trainers are also low maintenance, so if you decide to get one for home, there is little you need to do to maintain it.  The only downside is getting used to the dual action.  You have the option of just working your lower body if you want, but if you can get used to the dual action and find your ‘stride’, you will benefit more from this total body workout machine.


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    • profile image

      hit training 7 years ago

      Elliptical-Machines have become a hit with middle aged people. Nice machines to loose weight and keep fit.

    • rylittleton profile image

      rylittleton 8 years ago

      Elliptical is great if you don't have the knees, if not get on a treadmill and pump out the intervals. In fact kick it up to an incline too and really burn the fat!