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Elliptical Trainers-The key to fitness

Updated on September 25, 2012

When it comes to exercise many people have their own choices with respect to gyms , and Cardio machines . The two most common types of cardio machines are, Elliptical machines and Treadmills . Both are excellent tools for a workout indoors but however the calories burned on the elliptical is different from that on a treadmill . Let us analyse the benefits , compare the two types of trainers, and exactly understand what each machine is.


A treadmill is a machine that has a conveyor belt that makes the person stay at the same place and still maintain the same speed when walking . It is easy to use and the person is able to chose the speed he is comfortable with. Treadmills are made for the users to run easily on a smooth surface . They reduce the impact on hips, knee and ankles. This allows more workout on a smooth surface


An elliptical trainer is a machine that looks like a cycle and has foot pedals that rotate in a forward and backward motion. It differs from the the treadmill in that a user has to choose a speed but in an elliptical the exerciser has to choose the intensity of the workout.

Benefits of Elliptical Trainers:-This machine provides a non-impact variation and the legs move in circular motion.This machine provides a complete body workout. Like the treadmill it is less stressful to the knees and hips and the mode of pedaling can be reversed .This reverse mode of pedaling helps work on different muscles. Calories burned on Elliptical is more than treadmills It has an inbuilt weight loss and interval training program.As the user can chose the level of intensity of the workout, the level of fitness also increases.

Calories burned on Elliptical Trainers

Calories burned on Elliptical trainers are more and an elliptical is more efficient as it offers a complete body workout. It works on different muscles and is less stressful. It has an easy option of choosing the intensity of a workout and helps in burning out more calories. It allows you to work on your upper and lower part of the body simultaneously. A 155lb person burns around 540 calories in an hour on an average during a one hour workout whereas on a treadmill he burns only 480 calories.

Due to the forward and reverse motion and the dual action of hand bars, the whole body gets a workout. Due to this the calories burned on on the elliptical is much more than the treadmill.

Here are 4 tips to increase your calories burned on Elliptical Trainers.Try building up the intensity of the workout in 30 second incline intervals. This will be less stressful and give a better intensity of the workout and burn out more calories.Use your upper body arms along with your legs to give a complete body workout as more muscles worked is equal to more calories burned.Keep your posture right, with your shoulders and back in a straight position during workout.Try breaking out your workout into two sessions- one in the morning and evenings at an interval of 30 minutes each.

As today, fitness is the mantra , choosing a better cardio machine for your daily workout ensures a better workout and burns out more calories.


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      Yaamini Radhakrishnan 4 years ago

      This information is really useful when you are in a dilemma to choose your trainers