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Elta MD Skincare Sunscreen Review

Updated on October 29, 2010

Where can you Buy Elta? What is Elta?

Elta Sunscreen and skincare products can be purchased form your physician's office and great for those who desire daily sun protection for their own skin type.Elta sunscreen can be purchased from a dermatologists office and is not available at local retail stores. I have seen Elta for sale online but was not able to find out at the Elta website if they authorize online sales or not. Products can not be purchased directly through Elta.

For those of us looking for reliable protection from a sunscreen it is a good way to ensure you are getting the protection you are paying for. Elta MD sunscreen comes in a variety of formulas. Your doctor may advise on a specific product depending on whether your skin is dry or if it is oily. Many of the daily facial sunscreens form the drugstore are not specified for a particular skin type.

Elta is available in spray sunscreens, lotions and moisturizers for UV daily and sport protection.

Elta MD Sunscreen

Elta Sunscreen Review

have used Elta MD Skincare Sunscreen for about a year now and I have been happy with the protection it has provided my skin. I have noticed that some of my white clothes have become discolored around the collar and I believe it may be related to use of the product when it rubs off my skin. It has not stopped me from using the product. I posted this review for others to share their experience. Elta products are moderately (from around $22.50 for a facial sunscreen moisturizer) but is doctor recommended. I was easily spending more of product from department stores and cosmetic stores. Given this history of skin cancer in my family I have sought better protection and purchased Elta MD from my dermatologist.

Active Ingridents

The active ingredients in the Elta MD sunscreen include Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate, Ocilsalate and Titanium Dioxide depending on the specific product and the % of each active ingredient will vary on the product. The active ingredients provide UVA/UVB protection from the sun to prevent sun damage to the skin and skin cancer so it is considered "broad-spectrum".

You should be picky about your sunscreen quality. Not all sunscreens protect against exposure to UVA and UVB. Some sunscreens are photounstable and break down, you can read up about this with the additional links I provided in the blue box to the right.

Elta Sunscreen for Your Needs

Whether you need a daily facial sunscreen, daily sunscreen moisturizing lotion or a sunscreen for outdoor activity there is a product offered by Elta. I have used the UV sport for running and have been happy with the sun protection it has provided.

The UV SPORT SPF 50 is very water-resistant and I have not had a problem with it rubbing or sweating off. I have used the UV FACIAL SPF 30+ daily facial moisturizer with sunscreen on my face and neck in place of the drugstore facial moisturizers with only SPF 15. I have noticed it has moisturized my dry skin better than the products I had been using. I used the UV DAILY SPF 40 light daily moisturizer with sunscreen but have settled with the UV Facial 30+ because it is recommended for dry skin.

If you desire a spray, use the UV SPRAY with SPF 46 for your scalp line and all over when outdoors. It is difficult to get parts of your hairline and scalp with lotion sunscreens, making the spray sunscreen ideal. The UV Spray is a full body sunscreen and easy to use and get in hard-to reach places like your back.


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    • Abigaileva profile image

      Abigaileva 6 years ago from India

      I bought three Sun Elta MD and they are all good. As I say, that they protect me from UV radiation dispersal.