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Embracing Love

Updated on October 15, 2012

Change is in the air

Lately I have noticed a particular thing happening in my life. It has been going on for a couple of months now. The funny thing is I can pin point the day it began.

It was a Sunday morning and my husband, children and I were sitting in the sitting room having a family meeting. I suppose it began as one of those meetings where one of our teenagers was being cheeky or disrespectful, some minor infringement in rules. So there we were all sitting in our armchairs or couch when my husband began to talk about “The Power” by Ronda Byrne. He and I had just begun listening to it the previous week on Audible and were very much enthralled with the message and the vibrant way the book was read by the author.

All You Need is Love

Love, love, love!

The message is simple ... embrace love.  Look for love in everything, give thanks for everything starting each day with a list of those things which you are thankful for and ending each day doing exactly the same thing. You even are thankful for those things you don’t yet have but would like. This is a feeling message; you think the thoughts and take into your heart the excitement of achievement.


The consequences of embracing "The Power"!

Our children listened to a couple of chapters that Sunday morning and all our lives have changed since then.

I wake up each day happier and more appreciative than I have ever been before in my life. My love for my husband knows no bounds and this love is returned to me, my children are more loving and respectful because guess what? I am more loving and respectful to them. Each one of us is careful about how we talk about others and if we make a slip there is always someone there to gently put is back on course again.

What I have noticed is that we have all opened ourselves to more positive relationships not only with each other but with everyone we come into contact with. The children are less easily offended by their peers because they focus on the good and thus are no longer enmeshed in that see saw world of fights and make ups. Life is more relaxed and everyone is just ... happier.


The power attracts magic

The beauty of this change is that you become more aware of the lovely things around you; a piece of classical music takes the place of some pop song about girls kissing girls or sex and hangovers. Lots of beautiful art, and books with heart warming messages seem to be coming to us in a never ending flow.

The Power in action

Today I received on FaceBook the most amazing piece of film; it both lifted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. The human spirit is awe inspiring and is so because of love.

I hope you feel as moved by these two men as my family was.

Please share my message of love with as many people as possible and ignite the power to change your life now!

Recommended Reading by Sister Mary

I highly recommend this life changing book from Amazon:

The Power by Rhonda Byrne (Book)

The Power by Rhonda Byrne (Audiobook)


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    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Love is the true stuff that permeates all in creation. It is there for the taking for all who desire it and tune in. A brighter out-look on the day here after reading how your family is interacting in respect and kindness. Sister it appears or rather doesn't appear on my computer the section, The Power is Revealed.:D

    • Sister Mary profile imageAUTHOR

      Sister Mary 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you so much for your feedback and your kind words of encouragement. Please tell me your reaction to "The Power" when you have read it. I will certainly be visiting you.

    • CMCastro profile image

      Christina M. Castro 

      7 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

      Nice to finally meet you, Sister Mary. I will make sure to visit you so to get to know you better. I love your presentation, and it encourages me to read "The Power". Thank you for the recommendation and I will give you feedback of what I think of Ms. Byrne's book. It is good to see that your whole family is being encouraged. Thank God for the Nathan family. I look forward to you visiting me.

    • epigramman profile image


      7 years ago

      ..Sister Mary such profound and moving words ..... you are embracing love with your beautiful spirit and open mind .... I am so glad you found me - and I as of you.

      I write to you from my cottage home by the Lake - Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada where we are enjoying the beginning of Canadian summer and I live with my two best friends, Little Miss Tiffy (the diva in the picture, she was my mum's cat and Mister Gabriel, my white deaf cat) It is currently 7:54pm and I call this part of the evening the mellow time where the light over the lake is changing and the temperature is cooling down - pure magic and what a view of God's beauty.

    • Sister Mary profile imageAUTHOR

      Sister Mary 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      You are very welcome Eiddwen and thank you for the vote and kind comment.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting and thanks for sharing.

      I vote up/useful here.

      Take care


    • Sister Mary profile imageAUTHOR

      Sister Mary 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thanks RealHousewife

      It is such a moving clip, I love it every time I see it.

      Glad you enjoyed it too. Gives that nice warm feeling that all is well with mankind!

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 

      7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Sisfer Mary! I checked in here before and watched the video. I had gotten it again and was so good I watched it a seond time. I loved seeing the finish line:). I could not remember where I had seen it the first time - now I know! Lol! It is worth watching over and over again!

    • Sister Mary profile imageAUTHOR

      Sister Mary 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Hi Nell

      The Power is a wonderful read but even better is the audio as the music and sound effects really add to your feeling of well being and empowerment. Enjoy!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      7 years ago from England

      Hi, not sure if you got my comment, as it seemed to disapear somewhere! I will certainly be checking out this book, it sounds wonderful, thanks again nell

    • Sister Mary profile imageAUTHOR

      Sister Mary 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you Kimh039

      When I first saw it cried too. I found it very thought provoking and I hope made me a bit kinder that day!

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 

      7 years ago

      Very powerful, SisterMary! I still can't see the comment box for my tears. One thing that came through to me is the lack of self consciousness in love. Thanks for the morning meditation and examen:)


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