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Emetophobia: Fear of Vomiting

Updated on March 11, 2012

What is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is a mental disorder or condition in which a person feels unnecessary vomiting or simply fears vomiting. There can be different situations where a person fears vomiting such as during traveling in public transport, in a crowded place, closed place etc. It may also possible that someone feels vomiting at particular place or someone feels vomiting at variety of different places(or conditions). In these cases, If it is not treated at right time then it can ruin the life of affected person.

Symptoms of Emetophobia

Usually an affected person eats small amount food and also tries to avoid going outside or public places. Most of the persons used to have empty stomach and keeps them hungry for such situations to avoid vomiting. All these affect the health of such persons and makes condition more brutal. In very bad conditions, some persons keeps them lock inside the houses that can also ruin their social life.

Couse of Emetophobia

  • It may be a genetic influence that can cause emetophobia which can be develops in childhood.
  • In most common cases, it usually develops after a bad experience of vomiting that develops a fear of vomiting.

Some effective solutions to diagnose Emetophobia

  • Stops thinking about vomiting and makes yourself a fearless person. It is just a thinking and nothing else.
  • Always try to keep yourself busy and happy, so that there remains no time to think about these weird things.
  • Whenever you feel vomiting then just do that and never tries to stop vomiting. After some time you will automatically goes on right way to become fearless from vomiting.
  • Never feels shamed and never think about others what they think or not about you.
  • At least one time daily, go outside and spend pleasurable time with friends and others. As you feel good always try to visit at different places.
  • Watch full too entertainment and motivational movies and enjoy life as much as possible without no limits.
  • Try to understand simple thing, vomiting is just your bad thinking, if you don't think about that then nothing happens. So, don't think about that, you are absolutely normal and fine.
  • If nothing helps you, then consult to a good psychologist, as his prescribed medication and proper counseling can help you more.


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