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Emotional Stress and Chiropractic

Updated on July 30, 2010

What can you do about stress?


Emotional Stress and Chiropractic


 What is emotional stress? Can Chiropractic really help?


Emotional stress can arise from  a number of things. I guess this is poignant for me as there has recently been a number of deaths close to me.


The first was a friend’s Dad. He was poorly and so his death was not unexpected. Although you know this it does not make it any the less sad.


The second was my husband’s cousin at only 42.  This was the least unexpected due to his age, although he had not been in the best of health.


The last of the trilogy was my Nana at the age of 93. This one affected me the most. Her death brought back memories of my childhood. The times she and Pop took us to the beach at their house up the coast. Watching Pat Cash and Ivan Lendle play at Wimbledon on the small telly under the house to keep cool.


The worst part of my Nan’s death was that I am on the other side of the planet, I cannot get there to be part of the proceedings. I can’t comfort my parents of their/our loss.


What can you do about this stress? It is clearly emotional


Notice the posture of someone who is sad and depressed. Their posture is often bent over, closed off. Hiding themselves from any input.


Time will surely help this individual.  It is how we respond to this stress that is crucial. Stress is a part of everyday life, without it our lives would be meaningless and boring. We need to have ample resources to be able to accommodate the stress. This capacity is based on the condition of our nervous system.


Chiropractic care focuses on reducing tension in the nervous system, it can therefore help you to respond more resourcefully.


Of course chiropractic can’t eliminate your stress but it can increase your ability to adapt and accommodate it.


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