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Emotional roller coaster

Updated on March 11, 2011

Emotional roller coaster


while its true that roller coasters give you the thrills, i still wont ride the roller coaster again...( esp the one in ocean park in HK) once is enough....

what i never liked about roller coasters is the fact that you are expecting the sudden gush of emotional thrill...i mean, it scares the hell out of me! maybe i am not really cut for physical adventure, huh.

i thought it was easy avoiding roller coasters...i forgot there's an emotional twist to it.

one minute youre ecstatic, almost tasting heaven...but by the time you blink, everything else turns the other way...testing you in everyway possible. you experience pain, hurts, difficulties...all sorts of emotional dents that are enough to wash out all your happy moments.

good thing they're just emotions: temporary. changing.

we have full control over it...if we dare control it.

take on the wheel of life so you can shift gears. its all in your hands.


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