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Emotionless to Enjoy Life Laughter and Love

Updated on March 23, 2020
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I'm an author who writes about real-life topics. Often in life, there's always a way to improve a complex situation if trying to do so.

An image of a beautiful woman who isn't surprised by anything she sees or dealt with in her life.
An image of a beautiful woman who isn't surprised by anything she sees or dealt with in her life.

A Blank Facial Expression

Many people are emotionless, and the different facial expressions are also shown on the faces of people who are either happy, sad, frustrated, depressed or angry. Usually, going through different emotions is a way to tell what an individual is going through when seeing certain types of facial expressions on a person’s face.

Other facial expressions are consistently shown on people’s faces. Includes disappointment, being traumatized, afraid, or abuse. Also if a person has been tired of being neglected. Often people going through this will show an emotionless facial expression.

However, they wouldn’t realize what has happened and being taken advantage of in many different situations is a tiresome matter to many people who wouldn't trust anyone for any reason.

Furthermore, coping with the loss of a loved one due to illness is painful for people who will go through the grieving process and it can last for years.

Emotions in Everyday Life

Therefore, people who are trying to live the best life to be successful can be unhappy sometimes when life situations become unpredictable. Accepting what has happened will be accepted without a choice. So being happy all the time isn’t going to happen for people who are continuously going through common personal issues that cannot be changed because things happen in life.

No one knows what life has in store and many people are not prepared for what's next. Most people just continue to work hard and don’t do anything else but work. Therefore, life becomes complicated to be repetitive and doing more to get more is what people will get used to. Additionally, problems that people have will be arising and trying to stay happy is at a distance for many people who try to be hopeful.

It seems happiness doesn’t always seem to exist for someone who is only trying to live, laugh, and love. Still, the emotions that people express on their faces show life can be hard often. Eventually after going through life for a certain amount of years just working as usual is being responsible. However, life experiences can affect the body if being stressed out, and then additional health issues can cause the body to react to stress.

Many people have sensations in social scenarios.
Many people have sensations in social scenarios.
Emotions can manifest in the body.
Emotions can manifest in the body.
The parts of the body where people feel emotions.
The parts of the body where people feel emotions.

Becoming Cold and Emotionless

Over time, an individual will become emotionless without knowing what has happened to a smile. A loss of not feeling anything anymore and there is no more laughter and not being sociable is something that many people will get used to. Not being interested in enjoying life because of a daily routine that must continue no matter what's going on in life is normal. Doing so can make some people become a workaholic that is acceptable in society.

Working every day seems as if it will never end for many people just knowing that life is hard. They'll accept knowing how things are and some people don't mind the wait to die because some individuals are just tired. Besides, many people have mental health issues more often due to being sad and alone and sometimes people have suicidal thoughts. There are so many reasons that can cause people to have no emotions about anything anymore in life.

Such as having loss of many family members, a loss of a friend or two or loss of physical ability. Also, never accomplishing a dream or a goal or a lack of education and having difficulties doing anything in life is frustrating. Furthermore, many other causes that can make an individual emotionless, is going through a divorce, losing a loved one due to gun violence or seeing a friend or family member go through mental illness.

An image of a man who is emotionless and fearless because of what he has seen in life.
An image of a man who is emotionless and fearless because of what he has seen in life.

Emotional Numbness

Having no emotion because of dealing with so much in life. It can affect people who don’t know what is next but will know something is expected to happen over time, whether good, bad, or shocking. So, not being able to express what can make someone feel numb to what happened in life is always complicated.

Therefore, it can be hard to understand someone who is misunderstood because of not saying a word sometimes too. Lack of emotion is common for people who dealt with a lot when dealing with real-life issues. Many people will go through isolation and will become an introvert and will not care to enjoy life. Doing anything fun and exciting isn’t happening anymore for some emotionless individuals.

Not being interested in anything becomes an issue that is accepted, because of all the difficulties in life that have happened. So, after years of not being interested in enjoying life is considered normal for some people. Only to work all the time and many people will be by themselves and are lonely.

Emotionless Worker Working

Furthermore, after years of dealing with life experiences, then rest is crucial for people who only want time to do just that. Although, work continues after going home after work. It's predictable to go home to cook dinner, take a shower, and watch TV. Afterward, going to sleep is what people do every night.

Usually, many people have families and many people aren’t close to their family. They will prefer to be left alone due to having a dysfunctional family life. So, doing everything alone is alright for many people who either have a good upbringing or not. Besides, they’ll deal with many issues that can be a huge part of always worrying about finances to keep up with the high cost of living too. So, some problems have to be left behind.

Just doing what must be done to live life and trying to survive is mandatory or else the consequences will happen for many people. Even though people don’t always know how to be happy. Just staying happy because of changes in life isn't as easy for people who want to be happy more often. Daily living will be a part of always seeing emotionless faces because of what is mentioned so far. Rising above it all is the answer to see changes, but every individuals life is completely different than the other.

 An image of a beautiful woman who is emotionless.
An image of a beautiful woman who is emotionless.

Living to be Happy Again

On the other hand, many people will enjoy going to family gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, clubs, bars, concerts, basketball games, baseball games, or going out to spend time with friends or co-workers. Still, many people aren’t always happy and being alone often is all they feel is alone. No one likes being alone and it can be unbearable for many people who will fill the void by keeping busy to do whats has to be done every day.

Doing it all, whether being, happy, or sad, will be accepted by an introverted individual who only wants to be left alone, to do what must be done is alright. Most difficulties must be faced in life and society, but a lot of people want to be happy and have fun more often. Many people need to enjoy living, laughing and loving life to the fullest, as they say.

Living life to be happy with oneself isn’t always that way for people who just want to do what must be done. Keeping up with everything to maintain to live comfortably is important for everyone. Besides, people can be emotionless because they are afraid to lose what they have accomplished in their life. Having a place to live, paying bills, and figuring out what is the next opportunity is, to always do better is the determination.

Even though many people can be fearless to do what they must do in their lives. There seems to be no room to feel sorry for themselves. The many emotions people may feel shouldn’t be a factor to allow not to make it in life.

10 Ways to Enjoy Life

  1. Go outdoors to take beautiful photographs.
  2. Ride a bike with a friend.
  3. Have a picnic or a cookout with family and friends.
  4. Jog with a friend who doesn't mine jogging.
  5. Take a long walk and have a conversation with a friend.
  6. Read before going to bed or when you have leisure time.
  7. Call a friend on the phone to talk about what matters to you.
  8. Watch a good movie by yourself or with a friend.
  9. Get a full body massage to relax.
  10. Avoid any negative people who can be argumentative.

© 2020 Jacqueline L Smith


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