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Emotions and Ovarian Cysts

Updated on February 28, 2012

Ovarian cysts are very painful. I know from having experience dealing with this for several years now. They are fluid filled sacs that form within or on the surface of the ovary. Some of the symptoms that come with ovarian cysts are feeling tired, irregular or lighter periods, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, lower back pain and pain with sexual intercourse. The traditional way to remove the cysts would be to take birth control pills to shrink the cysts, wait and see if they will go away or undergo surgery. Surgery should be the very last option. Another option would be to release the negative emotions that are trapped inside your body in order to cure the cysts.

The body can store a vast amount of emotions in different parts of your body throughout your lifetime. Our lives are filled with thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative that takes place and get stored in the body. When the body runs out of room to store the emotions they become harmful to the body. Our bodies always let us know when something needs further attention. Take time to listen to what your body is saying. Then take a look at your life to see if anything is out of balance or not quite right.

Gynecological problems are often the result of unresolved emotions which often results in uterine polyps, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, excessive menstrual bleeding and ovarian cysts. More specifically, ovarian cysts are indicative of the body not expressing the true self. The ovaries are where creation begins. The creativity is not being allowed to flourish; it is being suppressed. Other feelings could be inadequacy, not being good enough, and feeling like damaged goods in a sense. Whenever you feel that your creativity is not being used to express yourself and constantly need the approval of others, a disruption of positive energy occurs in the body which can ultimately cause the ovarian cysts. So the body is telling you, “Take a look at me, something needs to be changed.”

Treatment for the ovarian cysts involves a combination praying/meditation, expressing gratitude, herbs (including flower essences) and writing for the emotions along with changing the diet, exercise, and using natural progesterone cream for the body.


Pray to you higher power for things that you want to change in your life. It can be very brief or very detailed, as long as you’re expressing your concerns and wishes to your higher force. This doesn’t have to be in the traditional sense. You can repeat a statement to yourself saying, “Please rid myself of these ovarian cysts” and imagine releasing that thought from yourself and into the universe. Anything you want to say, it doesn’t matter, as long as you like it. Repeating affirmations can be just as good such as, “I am healed” and “I approve of myself.”


Meditation is an excellent way to bring peace and calm to your body which in turn flushes out the negative energy. Try practicing three minutes a day to start to bring your body to a state of thoughtless awareness. Practice it for longer periods as your body gets more used to it. It truly brings a better change to your body. If it is hard at first, imagine a peaceful scene such as being out in nature. Or focus on a calming word or phrase such as, “I am at peace.” The effects are best when you pick a quiet and relaxing place with the TV, cell phone, radio, etc turned off.

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude has a profound effect on our wellbeing and our outlook on life. Focus on the blessings that have occurred and all of the things that you do have. Be thankful that you get to live another day. Be thankful for your five senses, the wind gently touching your face on a warm spring day. The beauty and the magnificence of the clouds. Give a smile to someone. Call someone and say, “I just called because I was thinking about you.” Watch squirrels or birds do what they do in their element. If you start doing this your heart will experience more happiness and peace.

Flower Essence Therapy/Herbs

Flower Essence Therapy or “Flower Essences” was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. It’s used to resolve emotions such as anxiety,stress,depression, fear and other states. The emotional and psychological issues are treated as well that is causing the disease. Please go to a naturopath or someone with a certification in herbal therapies to know the right kinds and amounts to take. Taken over several weeks or months there will be a noticeable change in the way you feel. For Herbs I suggest:

Chasteberry (Vitex) Balances the hormones

Burdock root Helps cleanse the blood and ovaries (the liquid form worked better for me than the pill)

U-O Clear Removes the cysts (This truly helped me)

Milk Thistle Cleanses the liver

You can try a combination of Burdock root, Vitex, Red Raspberry Leaves & Motherwort Leaves, 1tsp each, (liquid) combine, then take 2-3 times a day.

Also try:

Black Cohosh, Dandelion, Dong Quai, Bee Pollen, and Red Clover


Writing is very therapeutic. If you have no one to talk to you can write to get your thoughts out of your system. If there is something inside that is particularly troubling you write it out then throw it away or burn it. It really feels like you have gotten your thoughts out of you when you do this.


Diet should include mostly fruits and vegetables (75%). Eliminate alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. Drink lots of distilled water. If you can’t avoid meat, chicken or fish, try to eat it only once or twice a month. Eliminate anything with white flour and sugar. Remember, anything that comes out of the ground should be good for you to eat. Eliminate dairy. It causes congestion and mucus build-up. Try making your own salad dressings using apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Eat a salad with every meal. Some of my favorite foods are:


Collard greens

Sweet potatoes







Brussel sprouts

White potatoes

Blue berries


Take a multivitamin along with vitamin C. The vitamin C balances the progesterone/estrogen ratio in the body. Drink 2tblspoons of apple cider vinegar plus ¼ tsp of baking soda in 1 cup of water twice a day to make the body more alkaline and reduce the cysts.


For exercise, listen to how you feel before doing anything too strenuous due to the pain that the cysts can cause. If you feel up to it you can run, ride a bike or anything that you enjoy. If you don’t feel up to it then yoga or walking are good forms of exercise.

Natural Progesterone Cream

Another good treatment for ovarian cysts is natural progesterone cream. Apply to any soft area of the body from day 12-26 of your cycle or use as directed on the bottle.

Bringing more positive energy into your life (wanted to add this last part)

There are many ways to bring more positive energy into your life. This will make your body feel light as the negative energy disappears and, ultimately, eliminate the ovarian cysts. Here are some examples:

Take a class you’re really interested in

Do things with people you enjoy having around

Let go of the need to be right

Stop or reduce worrying

Live in the now

Do what you always dreamed of

There are many others that you can do but if you do just one or two of these it will make you feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have incorporated all of these practices into my life and I can say that the symptoms of my cysts are minimal. I do slip and eat pizza or a honey bun from time to time. But when I do that all I do is get back to it again. I don’t beat myself up about it because I’m human. In a couple more months I don’t think I will have anymore symptoms with the cysts. The good thing about these steps is that you can use them for anything that is ailing you. I hope this helps.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      This article is VERY helpful & the best advice i have found re: cysts so far on the internet. Thanks!

    • helptobepregnant profile image


      6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for sharing this great hub. I've suffered from ovarian cysts in the past and have also practiced a lot of what you advice in relation to healing herbs and the great food types that will help rid the body of the cysts. I'm also a firm believer too that emotions play a big part of how the body functions. Homeopathic remedies also helped me too.


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