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Empaths and Crystals

Updated on July 15, 2017

Go back to your nature

I'm an empath and finding this out is the best thing that happened to me. After getting used to this new way of life, it just gets better and better. I believe that I'm exactly where I am meant to be and I feel completely reassured and safe!! Now that's called being happy.

As an empath, when I opened my mind to crystals, each day month and year just got better! I couldn't see these opportunities before this because I was concentrating on what I didn't want and I was getting exactly that!

Crystals have a magical energy that have the power to change your thoughts. They encourage you to reflect inwards. They don't do the work for you but they give you the inspiration and motivation to get to know yourself from the inside out, in a safe way.

I carried Jade crystals with me all time and I know they definitely helped me discover the real happier me! For this reason I have a serious soft spot for this crystal. For protection crystals I carried Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Tourmaline. These days I carry either black obsidian or snowflake obsidian. Black crystals are very protective of your energy.

Crystals brought me all sorts of epiphanies!

The biggest change I think that benefits me is living in the present and not worrying as much about the future. We cannot know what is ahead of us but we can control the decisions we make in the present moment and this will ultimately affect our future. Empaths feel the invisible and it is beneficial because this is how I base my decisions which affects my happiness!! Deep down we all know this but don't always honour it and in my experience this is where the problems start!!

I have transformed into a spiritual being with amazing depth that has brought peace and contentment into my life. It has improved every single area of my life. I love reading about my Guardian Angels and really positive life changing information.

The best advice I can pass on to you is;

  1. Live in the present moment because this affects your future
  2. Start a little crystal collection, they are also really pretty to look at
  3. Read inspiring life-changing articles because they stir up ideas in your mind
  4. Trust your gut feelings
  5. Get to know the real you and the rest will be history!!!!


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    • Katie K Callaghan profile image

      Katie 8 months ago from Ireland

      Crystals are so helpful. I wish everyone could see their benefits :-)

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 8 months ago from New England

      Great tips for working with Crystals, Katie. Thank you!