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Emphysema Facts

Updated on March 20, 2010
Lets start by saying as the first emphysema fact that emphysema is best avoided in the first place, it is an acute lung disease with damage that is permanent. It shortens your breath thereby limiting your activity. It goes without saying that sufferers want and wish they had made choices to avoid emphysema in the first place. It was hard for me to admit, as a smoker, that by smoking it was having a degenerative effect on my health. After all, all I was doing was having a cigarette because it felt good and I felt like having one. Thankfully I have managed to successfully quit smoking on the 23rd of February 2006. For me and for most people it was hard to imagine what damage I was doing to my health by smoking. Emphysema is a serious disease that can be avoided. To fill you in further here are some Emphysema facts. Inside your lungs are small sacks called alveoli and the small tubes that lead to these sacks are bronchioles - when you have emphysema these tubes and sacks necessary for breathing become blocked or they lose elasticity and loose the ability to contract and not allow all of the air in your lungs to expel so your next breath in is smaller because your lungs are already nearly full. Thereby reducing your lungs ability to move oxygen from your lungs into your blood stream, slowing your body's function, slowing down the sufferer who with limited lung capacity more quickly runs out of breath. Quitting smoking is the most important step in avoiding emphysema. Because emphysema is a gradual disease the degenerative effects are slow to be noticeable in other words if you are a smoker - this one can creep up on you. With emphysema the prevention is far better than the cure. The cures for emphysema can be as dramatic as lung transplanting, but more common treatments are antibiotics and exercise to increase lung capacity - but by far the most important step is to quit smoking.

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