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Updated on January 14, 2010

Words for abundant living

Thanks Mom and others

We all long for those words that make us feel important valued and cherished. Children are never so cute as when they are telling you that they love you. That wonderful receiving back from those little ones you spend so much time and effort on as a parent is wonderful. We all need more then that though we need to have great examples of people and mentors that know how to give others that verbal pat on the back. As women we have a little advantage over men because we automatically are ready with that nurturing caring word for a friend if we were blessed enough to have a mom who knew how to do it. My mom was wonderful that way because she seemed to be able to sense needs and give where it needed to be given. She had a wonderful gift for sharing poetry, Bible verses, word gifts, and real tangible I love you, I think your wonderful , I am proud of you, you did so well. Not everyone is blessed with a mother like that and I can happily say that I shared my mom with most of my friends during her lifetime. She was willing to give to everyone God put in her path.

There are also a lot of places to look on the internet for encouragement. Hundreds of books have been written on the topic and there is no lack of good poetry, Bible verses, and inspirational stories to both warm the heart and inspire positive words from ourselves.

I have added a few of those links here that really inspire me with hope and encouragement.

Encouraging online video free

Video’s to purchase

Video’s that inspire and challenge congregations all over the world

Great Music Video’s


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