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End Indecision: A Sample Tarot of Love Reading

Updated on August 11, 2017
Marie Flint profile image

Marie is a spiritual aspirant who has been using tarot cards as an effective aid to sort through her feelings about choices since 1994.

"Tarot cards do not predict the future, but can help to explore and sort our feelings about particular situations."

How can a tarot reading help end my indecision?

There are several ways a tarot or oracle card reading can help you with a decision.

  1. Assuming you are working with a deck that you enjoy and are doing the reading solo, the artwork of the cards can stimulate an emotion through color and imagery. There may be one or more symbols within a subject card's picture to which you feel an association. These may stir feelings you have ignored and need to bring to light.
  2. The process of shuffling and choosing cards is relaxing. As a creature with a physical body, you still need to experience the sense of touch to function holistically. Physical cards, like a physical book, can answer part of the need for touch. The process serves as a kind of ritual, giving a sense of progression or order as you perform the action.
  3. Cards can be used to compare two or more choices. When faced with a dilemma or difficult choice, you can designate the subject a card will represent through its order or position. Because no two images are the same, you'll have a choice. More than likely, certain images will attract you more than others.

What is the best card deck to use for a reading?

There are literally hundreds of oracle and tarot card decks from which to choose online, and the decks are relatively inexpensive. Take time to familiarize yourself with the artwork of the various decks, then pick one or more that please you the most.

I use Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and the Tarot of Love by Marcia Perry. Card decks can be used separately or in combination.

How to Clear Negative Energy from Tarot or Oracle Cards

When you first get your new deck of tarot or oracle cards, it's a good idea to clear the energy from the manufacturing process and handling. You can fill the deck with your own energy by

  1. knocking your fist on the opened deck while holding the cards in your passive hand,
  2. praying or meditating for at least 30 seconds while holding the cards stationary, or
  3. holding the opened deck of cards in both hands with a clear quartz crystal or amethyst geode atop the deck, again for at least 30 seconds.

The preferred procedure is only done the first time for using the cards. It may be repeated if someone else has been handling your cards.

An Example of a Simple Tarot of Love Reading

I was faced with some free time and have way too many interests and hobbies. So, I decided to create a simple layout of four cards for four activities that came to mind--gardening because my Florida garden is full of weeds, writing content for a new online article, finishing another pane on my quilt, or studying anatomy for massage school (I hadn't actually enrolled).

I simply shuffled the cards intently through my hands and placed four cards, each drawn at random for a four-card spread. The layout, which I decided upon ahead of time, would be representative as follows:


You can use this method for whatever topics you wish to compare and any number of topics you feel comfortable using. If your reading is complicated, you may wish to write things down in a journal so you can remember the topics and answers.

I share my results below.

Question: Should I spend the next hour gardening?


Interpretation and commentary: The image of a feminine figure about a youth in a lotus position within a cave hardly seems appropriate for the question, but I am comparing a number of activities and then choosing from the images which endeavor I will assign myself.

I find it better to intuitively acknowledge my reaction to a card, rather than relying on another source for the message. In this case, I do feel a very high vibration with this card, but, once again, it does not seem to be guiding me to garden, rather a time for prayer and meditation.

Question: Should I spend the next hour writing?


Interpretation and commentary: Rods represent the etheric (spirit or fire). Writing certainly can be viewed as a spiritually inspirational exercise. The image, however, is a little less than inviting. A shadow figure seems to be conducting a cosmic orchestra. The color silver, too, I interpret as a passive, receiving energy. Compared to the other cards in the reading, as you shall see, it attracts attention, but not comfort or compassion, traits for which I prefer for my choice.

Question: Should I spend the next hour sewing?


Interpretation and commentary: Lightning is the symbol for mental activity. Quick, sharp, like lightning as wit and thought can be, the I do not sense a lot of attraction for the image during this reading. Although I regard my sewing needle as sharp, I’m dancing upon neither clouds nor batting. Sewing, for me, is a heart energy, not so much a mental one. The Prince himself suggests aggression, hardly an appropriate trait for quiet sewing time.

Question: Should I spend the next hour studying?


Interpretation and commentary: I love this card. I love plants and flowers. This image certainly depicts the balance of masculine and feminine, active and passive, the Yang and Yin. Furthermore, there is a symbol of an embryo, a fruit of the balanced energies.

I have been contemplating the opportunity to study massage for licensure as a therapist at a local school. Lately, I have neglected the recently purchased anatomy book, which is recommended for this career path.

I don’t exactly love studying muscles and muscle terminology, but the message of this card is clear: there is a potential (the embryo) for growth in a balanced, harmonious manner. I like that. So, off to my study of anatomy I go!

Solving Indecision

Whether we realize it or not, our life paths are blossoming with choices and change.

Life is not a dead-end street. Regardless of age or circumstance, a wealth of opportunities await us at every turn of the road. There are no good or bad choices in spiritual truth, only opportunities to serve and grow.

Tarot cards do not predict the future, these are merely instruments to help explore and sort our feelings about particular situations. I was undecided about how to set my priorities, and how I could best use my time. I was able to make a choice based on my feelings toward the images that arose—a wonderful and effective method!

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried various methods of coping with indecision, consider tarot or oracle cards. and be prepared to greet a loyal friend through the physicality of the cards and images—YOU!

Share in the Reading

Based on the images and assuming you share similar hobbies or interests, which card from the reading would have been your choice? (You can share why in the comment section.)

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For More Information on How to Do a Reading

© 2017 Marie Flint


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    • Marie Flint profile image

      Marie Flint 6 months ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      The funny part about this reading is that I actually spent my time, and then some, writing this article, rather than studying anatomy! (Oh, I'll still study, all right--I'm planning to visit the school today.)