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Enemies of the Diet

Updated on June 16, 2012

Trying lose weight is difficult, we all know and have tried it. Sometimes the pounds melt away and stay away with vigilance, other times, they return.

Dieters need to know the cost of losing weight is pricey. The cost as in effort and exercise not dollars. It's like a payroll ledger, income and expenses. Income is the food intake and expenses the calories you burn via exercise. Monitoring the income is critical because if you are are more often than not having more income than expenses, you will never lose weight.

The enemy of the diet is:

  • Snacking while watching TV, DVDs or playing video games. This is by far the hardest NOT to do. If you must snack, look at the specs on the food package. What you want is zero everything, or the least possible. Look at the portion size. This is deceptive. For instance, your favorite tortilla chips or crackers might have a serving size of seven crackers\chips (people eat half a bag easily).The price you pay is: 130 calories, 6 gram of fat, 16 gram of carb, 2 gram of protein. So, you are blase about it all and while watching a movie you consume half the bag. That expense is suddenly: 800 calories, 40 grams of fat and so on. God help you if you have nachos! Cheese is high in everything!

So, whatever diet who were on, whatever calories you had burned off are back with many more added. A better solution is having a salad or a can of tuna. Pretzels are a better alternative. Some brands have 100 cal. and .5 gram of fat for seven. Burning off calories and fat is tough business. Keeping a diet with low cal and fat is also tough business in today's world. If you work out in a gym on a elliptical running machine with a high resistance of 15 (highest is 18) for 30 min. you burn only 430 or so calories or about 42 tortilla chips in the above example. Only 42 chips, it may be less or more, depending on the chips or crackers, but the point is, that amount is nothing when sitting there watching TV and is easy to do.

By monitoring what you eat, exercising for at least 30 min. daily, minimizing snacks, and buying low-cal and little fat, you will lose pounds without ever joining a weight loss plan or club. The key element that determines it is you. Your willpower to do it is the key.


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