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Energize Your Body with Energy Fields

Updated on September 30, 2017

Empowered Healing Journey

Empowered Healing Journey Facebook page.
Empowered Healing Journey Facebook page. | Source

I’ve been on a path to eliminate the pain, sciatica, arthritis, atrophy and other problems my body is facing. Most of these difficulties were the result of a car accident I had avoiding a family of deers. My car flipped over three times but I walked away and thought I was fine.

Over time, I realized that would not be the case and the battle ahead would be a tough one. As someone who completely focuses on alternative methods and takes no medication, I began to map out an alternative plan by reading and speaking to people I trust. I also reached out to companies whose products I felt would have a positive effect on my journey.

I started by changing my diet. From there I added yoga and ultimately an exercise program called t-tapp into my daily regime, along with Epsom salt baths.

I Totaled my Car

Photos from my accident avoiding a family of deers. The car flipped over three times. I walked away and thought I was okay.
Photos from my accident avoiding a family of deers. The car flipped over three times. I walked away and thought I was okay. | Source

The Foods and Products I Trust to Consume and Put on my Body

I combined this with a much cleaner and mostly plant based diet, but did consume powdered bone broth. I spent time at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL and learned as much as I could. I also researched products from companies I trusted and started to use products from Organixx (formerly Epigenetic Labs).

Another addition was focused on purifying the air I breathe when I am in my apartment. For that I chose Airfree. My goal was to inhale, swallow, or use on my body only things that can keep it free of toxins and other pollutants. Airfree is all about purifying the air I breathe. At least now I know when I am home that I’m free of breathing in such things as mold, viruses, cooking odors, general odors, bacteria, VOC, pollen and any other airborne allergens.

I will talk more about Organixx in another article as I really love their cleansing products, greens, and essential oils. Plus, I’ve found some cool ways to not just drink but to enjoy their bone broth in the healthy cookies I now make, or the chocolate-banana ice cream I blend.

In addition, to all of the above, I make sure to consume salads, smoothies, juices, vitamins, minerals and oils with a goal of balancing out my body.

I’ve done so much that sometimes it’s hard to know just what has helped me feel and walk better despite the different issues my body is facing. If you believe the MRIs, I shouldn’t even be walking. However, all the above combined with acupuncture and physical therapy have helped me feel better and have allowed me to function.

Hippocrates Health Institute
Hippocrates Health Institute | Source
Some of what I eat and do to heal myself.
Some of what I eat and do to heal myself. | Source
Carol Aron
Carol Aron | Source
Carol's Facebook Page: Connecting the Dots
Carol's Facebook Page: Connecting the Dots | Source

Who is Carol Aron

Knowing I’m still not there yet, I approached my longtime friend Carol Aron to discuss what suggestions she might offer. I was blown away and inspired by the guidance she is now giving me.

Carol is an expert in energy healing and is the founder of Connecting Your Dots. She works with people who want their lives to reflect more balance and purpose. In the process, they discover a freedom to be more authentic, self-confident, and deeply fulfilled. Instead of reacting to challenging situations, they learn to be more mindful, focus on what’s important and unfold more of their potential.

Carol’s gift is her telepathic ability to connect with the energy of a person, place, or thing. This enables her to bypass conventional thinking so that she can access information specific to her clients. Individuals who have sought to move past their blocks and make improvements in their life have described the experience as “life changing.”

She defines healing as a state of wholeness in which the body, mind, and spirit are not at odds with each other. “Troubling thoughts and associated emotions often sabotage our natural flow of energy and resilience. For this reason, navigating our way back can be difficult. By tapping into the energy field, we can recalibrate faster with less stress,” she says.

Some of my Favorite Products

Organixx Cleansing products.
Organixx Cleansing products. | Source
Organixx Bone Broth. The left bottle was before the name change. The right is the product they now have with their new name.
Organixx Bone Broth. The left bottle was before the name change. The right is the product they now have with their new name. | Source
Airfree helps me to trust the air I am breathing.
Airfree helps me to trust the air I am breathing. | Source

Learning More about the Power of Energy Fields

I took the time to chat with Carol, first to better understand about energy fields. To begin with, Carol talks about how our energy fields can guide us and how we can put them in action, how our energy fields are a natural part of us, and though not visible to the naked eye, we can interact with these energies for receiving guidance as well as directing our intentions.

“Energy fields are everywhere. Your body is an energy field. Your thoughts and emotions are energy fields as well as everyone and everything near or beyond you,” Carol explained.

By the time Carol finished defining energy fields I understood that we are way more powerful than we think and that we can communicate with our energy fields to help repair our body, soul and mind.

To give direction and an understanding of how energy fields work, Carol started out with simple things.

For example, one of my issues is bone on bone arthritis because there is little or no synovial fluid to allow the muscles and bones to work normally. Carol said that each day I must use my energy fields to guide whatever I need to go wherever I need it. You should imagine this happening and work with it.

In my mind I think of it as a maze of streams running through my body, dropping off the necessities where they are needed. It could be cartilage, synovial fluid, blood or whatever that part of my body is craving.

She asked me how I felt after doing that and it was a soft pulsation throughout my body, especially in my head. It almost feels like I’m increasing the flow of my blood. It makes me feel a little floaty.

A Change of My Diet and Exercise Program

I add fresh herbs to shakes and dressings and mix in salads.
I add fresh herbs to shakes and dressings and mix in salads. | Source
Organic cabbage and apples and pears and T-Tapp has now part of my exercise program.
Organic cabbage and apples and pears and T-Tapp has now part of my exercise program. | Source
I love getting food from the Amish because I know it has no steroids or pesticides.
I love getting food from the Amish because I know it has no steroids or pesticides. | Source
I take an Epsom Salt bath at least three times a week. It's a great for detoxing and to relieve some of the pain.
I take an Epsom Salt bath at least three times a week. It's a great for detoxing and to relieve some of the pain. | Source

The Pendulum Method

While I will continue to do this, it’s the concrete things that Carol outlined that have helped me to understand the power within each of us. This began with the pendulum concept where you take something long (like a chain you would wear around your neck) and a bigger object at the end (like a crystal attached to the chain). The key is that there must be a weight at the end that can move freely. You first need to establish what sign will happen when the energy fields are telling you yes and what it will do for no.

“The pendulum is a very handy tool because we are used to physical reality,” Carol explained. “The pendulum vibrates with your energy, your thoughts and your body, so that when you use it, it will pick up the energy and communicate it back.

As Carol demonstrated this I was amazed to see the object she held turn in a circle for yes and go back and forth for no.

Then either Carol or I posed questions related to my present protocol. I’ve been totally off gluten and so I asked if this was necessary. The answer: NO. Then I moved on to the fact that I am off dairy. The answer: NOTHING. No movement.

Carol explained that was because I had to be more specific. So, I asked if can I eat organic dairy. The answer: YES. In response to the Budwig Protocol of organic cottage cheese and flax oil mixed together, I got another yes.

The beauty here was that even when Carol is not with me I can energetically check the effects of what I'm doing or consuming. Because much of the guesswork has been removed from making choices I feel more confident knowing I'm communicating directly with my body's needs.

Carol went on to explain that energy fields exist within everything we touch, including the foods we consume and the products we use on our body. Therefore, we can use our energy fields to test whether these items are things we should be consuming or using.

Diana De Rosa Speaks to Energy Healer Carol Aron

The Sway Test

But what if I am in the supermarket wondering whether I should purchase this or that food or product. Carol guided me with yet another energy field protocol called the Sway Test. Here what you do is hold the item close to your body, close your eyes, clear your mind and you will be amazed at what happens.

For something good for you, your body will float forward. If it’s not something you should use or consume it floats back. And if your body leans to either side, your body is telling you not now.

The point here is that your body is speaking to you and letting you know what it needs through its energy fields combined with the energy field of the product or food touching your body.

While I don’t have the high power to test energy the way Carol does, I do have these simple tools to guide me. Carol is an empathic healer, meaning she is a person who feels things physically. She could think about an item, combine that with her or my energy and got either a positive or negative reaction within her body.

For instance, when we talked about my pain and I would tell her where I was feeling the pain, she would often respond that this pain was not generating from where I felt it but from some other location. So, we touched upon that a little bit and that is giving me some initial direction about what I can do to free my body of all that it is dealing with.

As Carol commented, “The less we label things or name things and go with what it feels like and what the experience is, then the field opens for more information. As soon as we lock in on something, we are almost closing out other possibilities.”

To make this easier to understand, I’ve added a video of the first of many conversations with Carol as she guides me through this energy phase of the healing process. It’s filled with wonderful information that you won’t want to miss.

For some, this will make sense and you will embrace it. For others you will be on the fence, while still others may not grasp the concept of energy fields at all. But that’s okay because there are lots of ways you can heal yourself. So, each of us must follow our own path. And in saying that, this brings up another thing I should mention.

None of us are the same. Some of the items that I put up to my body that clearly gave a yes response, to Carol gave a no. Our energy fields were letting us know what we each need. So, let your energy fields guide your body and follow your own path.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us as I continue to travel on this healing journey. And visit our newly created facebook page: Empowered Healing Journey.


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