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Energy Boosting Tips

Updated on November 6, 2014

The Wrong Booster for Energy

With a busy lifestyle and stress it is sometimes extremely difficult to be active without feeling like you have taken a beating at the end of the day.

Caffeine kicks from ten cups of coffee, a rush and a pulpitating heart from too many energy drinks, coke and a quick stop to the first junk food drive through, has left you feeling a little bloated, tired and run down.

Being a mom can be a hectic job with waking up, running around, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, cooking and then going to bed only to get up and start it all over again whilst trying to fit in the things that you need to do too. I am getting tired just writing it down!

For most of us it is about having to fit in a life with family, work and added extras that keep us moving all day long up until the time that we need to go to sleep, problem is after consuming all the wrong things one finds it difficult to get any sleep at all.

The major problem that many of us face is burning the "candle at both ends" and this can lead to burn out or health problems. Our bodies can be pushed to the max but at some stage it eventually lets us know that it cannot push anymore and this is when you begin to feel that while you were sleeping, something gave you a beating.

Busy people need the right things to keep them moving and you will not get it from caffeine or boosters, in fact, this will end up burning you out and adding to your stress.

How do you live a life that requires you to be active even when you just don't have the energy to keep on going?

Drinking ten cups of coffee to give you energy will not work
Drinking ten cups of coffee to give you energy will not work

Give Me Energy

At some stage of your life you had all the energy that you needed to allow you to work, gym and even have a social life. Going to sleep was something that you did not really have to do too much of but lately, you just can't do it anymore.

An evening out can drain you and going to sleep is the highlight of your day. Exercise makes you want to drop and sleep and you just can't do too many things at once anymore.

Unfortunately it is not like we can just escape work or commitments to go home and have a little nap and taking things to make you feel like you have energy will not help in the long run.

What you need is the right stuff to give you an instant boost without effecting your health and bringing you down afterwards.

Energy is needed and quickly, so here are a few tips for you to get through a day without feeling like you are forcing your eyes open and pushing your legs to move.

Tired all the time? Get some energy boosting snacks
Tired all the time? Get some energy boosting snacks

Physical Enegy Boosters

When you wake up have a good stretch and a big old yawn. This will cool down the brain and wake it up.

Get into a refreshing shower that is lukewarm or cold and use an Orange or Berry scented wash to wake up the senses.

If you can and you do have the time then get out and go for a walk or do half an hour of exercise. Exercise might seem tiring but it will give you the boost that you need to keep you going for the day. Ten minutes will give you two hours of energy.

Laughing raises your blood pressure and boosts your heart rate, so before you work find something funny to watch, get someone to tell you some jokes or listen to something that will make you laugh on the way to work, that sluggish feeling will soon disappear.

Stretching is revitalising for the body and the mind and if you feel sluggish and can't get motivated, then find a door frame at work, grab the frame with your fingers and push yourself forward until you feel it in your back and torso. This will stimulate the nervous system.

The colour red can give you a boost too, it makes your muscles move and work harder, so buy yourself some red flowers, search for someone in red or add red to your work desk to give you a quick pick up.

Exercise gives you energy although you might not think that it does. So if you feel tired at work get out on your lunch break and talk a walk around.

Avoid exercise at night and try to switch off your computer at least two to three hours before you go to bed, to give your head a break so that it can slow down and get ready for sleep mode.

How Have you Coped with Loss of Energy?

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Quick Energy Boosters

Before a meeting, eat a Kiwi fruit to give you energy to keep focused
Before a meeting, eat a Kiwi fruit to give you energy to keep focused
Fruit to give you an energy boost
Fruit to give you an energy boost

Snacks to Boost Energy

As soon as you are up and about grab yourself a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter, add it into a smoothie with a selection of fruit to give you a boost for the day.

Take some dried fruit and nuts with you to work so that you have a snack that can sustain your energy. Don't have too many, just a handful.

Avoid eating too many carbohydrates as this can cause low blood sugar that will make you feel sleepy.

Don't have meal replacement bars but find a health bar like Granola or Kellogs to give you a little boost to keep you going.

Berry juice, berries or anything berry that is natural sugar can be consumed as this will give you a bright looking complexion and some energy to last for the day.

Anything with anti - oxidants in it will give you a boost.

Drinking water can also help you with balance and try to have at least eight glasses in your day.

Avoid energy drinks and sugars as they will give you a kick but you will come down before midday.

Kiwi fruit has twice the potassium that a banana has and it also contains vitamin C (twice more than in an Orange.)

Eat two of these per day and it will give you an energy boost to get through a tedious meeting or sustain you while you are at a desk.

Anything with Omega 3 in it can give you lasting energy so eat Salmon for lunch and this will get you through the rest of the day.

Chia seeds can be spread over yoghurt to give you a boost as well as Oat straw and Rhodiola, which can be found at any health store. They are natural energy boosters that will revitalise you.

How to Relax Before Bed

After a busy day at work, you do need to unwind before bed in order to get a good nights sleep. Without sleep your body will continuously feel tired.

Exercise daily can get you into a routine to tire you before it is time to sleep and you should do this in the morning as gym at night is not good.

Stay away from your computer or anything that stimulates the mind at least two hour before bed.

Write down your worries in a book beside your bed and once you hav done that, close the book and stare up at the ceiling taking long deep breaths. This will lower your blood pressure and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Breathe in for ten and out for ten concentrating on your tummy moving up and down. This will take you away from outside distractions and it will slow down your heart rate.

Close your eyes and pretned that you are on a cloud or in a peaceful park and listen to the sound of the water, picture what it looks like and get all your senses involved so that you can escape from the day.

Lavender can keep you calm. Get a linen spray that has Lavender in it and spray it onto your pillow and bed for calming effects that will help you sleep.

Get Some Instant Energy

A Good Night's Rest

Getting some sleep will give you energy for the day ahead
Getting some sleep will give you energy for the day ahead


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      rosina de vico 

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      Thanks, very helpful!!


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