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Energy Boosts - Simple Changes you can make now to Reboot Mind and Body

Updated on January 19, 2015

Energy can drain away while you are busy with life – a kind of slow leak you don’t wise up to until you are running on empty and every day feels like you are trying to climb a mountain in heels!

Although medical experts don’t generally acknowledge the condition or its name, well being experts put it down to adrenal fatigue – when the adrenal glands, which sit over the kidneys and pump out hormones to deal with all kinds of stress, have been working at peak for too long and can’t handle any more!! Interestingly, you don’t have to do anything major to get energy levels to rise; it’s all simple stuff, really, and there are many roads to success.

When you feel in a Muddle… Reboot your Brain

It’s a fact that clutter – especially the stuff piling up in your head – stresses you out big time! Longing to clear your mind, desk or room? Then learn to let go. Relate clutter to blockages where energy is no longer flowing.

When you hold on to something tightly, your hands aren’t free to accept anything new while you are still desperately clinging on to something else!! Open your hands and let things go. So logical and so easy – try rolling this around in your head when you can’t really see how to sort things; it helps you let go of energy drainers.

When you feel in a muddle… reboot your brain
When you feel in a muddle… reboot your brain

When your brain feels “FUGGED”... Exercise your Adrenals

How the heck? With yoga, of course! Yoga creates endorphins and serotonin, the feel good chemicals we need when adrenals are burned out and we can’t think straight. Doing yoga corrects all that brings oxygen to the brain and, as a result, we have more clarity – energetic rather than depressed. Try easy adrenal breathing whenever you feel close to burn out. No yoga knowledge required!

Sit cross-legged, back straight and shoulders back. Interlace your little fingers with thumbs up. Pull fingers in opposite directions and do the Breath of Fire – breathing in and out hard and loudly through the nose, really pumping from your belly and feeling a pull across your back. Do it for one to three minutes. This will generate heat in the left side of the adrenals.

Relax your hands into your lap and try Cannon Breath – puckering your mouth into a firm “O” shape, then breathing through it loudly, keeping your inhale and exhale equal. Repeat for one to three minutes. This strengthens the right side of your adrenals. Try it – it’s so energizing and brain- clearing!

When your brain feels “FUGGED”... Exercise your adrenals
When your brain feels “FUGGED”... Exercise your adrenals

When you can’t forget your troubles… Revive with a Mantra

Now don’t run when you hear the word “mantra”. You may feel daft at first about chanting out loud – but get over yourself and you will love how you fell Mantra is the best way to reset your life and start fresh. The past is behind, your future unknown, but the present is clear when we use mantra. Staying in the present moment is what makes us happy and stress seems to melt away.

Fresh-Start Mantra

Sit cross-legged, with your back straight and shoulders relaxed.

Extend arms in front of you, with the palms facing up. Then move both arms together as if you were splashing water over your head.

As you move, repeat the mantra “ Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe jio”. Continue for at least three minutes.

How often?

It’s best to do it at least two or three times a week. That way, the body remembers the feeling of it and is able to handle stress when you feel overwhelmed.

When you are all wound up... Smell the Energy

Essential oils are great for changing our emotional ‘mood’ – stimulating nerve impulses to the brain via our sense of smell. Which oils for which angst?

Physical Rosemary and lavender ease tension

Emotional Vetiver and chamomile calm the mind and aid sleep

Nerves Frankincense grounds, bergamot lifts and refreshes

How to use Add three drops of essential oil to a dessertspoon of almond oil then use it for massage or laced into a bath.

When you are all wound up... smell the energy
When you are all wound up... smell the energy

When you need a fast pick-me-up… Release your inner Angst

An emotional freedom technique works when you tap specific points on your face and body.

Quick energy booster

1 With three or four fingertips on either hand, tap lightly across and just under the collarbone several times (use both hands if you like)

2 Place your fingertips of either hand in the centre of your sternum (breastbone) and tap for ten to 15 seconds, breathing slowly and deeply as you do so.

3 Tap lightly with fingertips on either side of your body, four inches below the armpit.

Calm yourself softly For when you are caught up in a stressful situation

1 Place your thumbs at your temples and the pads of your fingers on your forehead just above your eyebrows.

2 Hold these pints softly for up to three minutes, breathing deeply as you do.

When you can’t concentrate… un-fuzz your mind

Stress can mess with your mind, making it hard to concentrate. Here is a quick trick or two.

Thumb focus Inspired by yoga, it helps focus and memory while easing stress; Bring up your thumb in front of your eyes at arm’s length. Focus on one point on it and breath in. Hold your breath and, following with your eyes, bring this point to the spot between your brows until you squint. Now exhale and repeat three times. It is also good for kids when they need to focus before studying.

Hum calm One way of calming the mind is to spend longer exhaling than inhaling. Here’s how to do it easily: Inhale, and as you exhale gently, hum to yourself. Make sure your humming time is longer than the inhalation. This technique naturally makes you exhale longer, and humming is very quieting for the mind and healing for the body.

Zip up your sex life
Zip up your sex life

Zip up your sex life

When you are knocked out by work, you have a marathon to-do list; your children have been playing up… who has the time or the energy for sex? Fatigue can mean desire is the last thing on the menu.

Small things will make a difference:

  • Make a point of kissing each other hello and goodbye.
  • Hold hands more often. Hugging, touching.. All help get sexual energy flowing.
  • When you are winding down for bed, light some candles – they signal something special is about to go on.
  • Just do it – even if you don’t feel in the mood. Surveys have shown that most women – even when they didn’t start out interested – felt aroused after a while, regular sex has been shown to increase libido overall.


Natural Energy Boosters

  • Eat within half an hour of waking Otherwise, you will be running on adrenalin stores through the day, leaving you more prone to early morning wakefulness next day.
  • Have a shot of red power Take a leaf out of the books of some athletes and try a shot of beetroot juice. Researchers believe its energy-promoting benefit is down to a substance called “nitrites”, which help the body use oxygen. The study used a small bottle of shop-bought beet juice.
  • Opt for legumes at lunch Legunes such as lentils, chickpeas and so on are the ultimate energy food. Low in calories, they contain protein to keep you full for longer and carbohydrates to fuel the body’s energy store. Try a chickpea salad, veggie burgers made with lentils or a chilli bean soup.
  • Take a ten-minute walk it can give you more energy bang for your buck than any other tweak to your day.


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