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Engaging the 5 Magnificient Senses

Updated on November 2, 2013

Magnificient 5

Acupuncture | Source

Five Magnificient Senses

Engaging the Five Magnificent Senses, Volume 1, Issue 21, March 1, 2013

Utilizing and engaging the five magnificent senses will rouse new energy in our body and could quite frankly reverse the negative effects of chemicals and exposures to toxins that we breathe, eat, drink, and touch. It is the energy in our very own body that has an ever-changing power engine that is our molecular structure or otherwise known as, our DNA.

Taste – We taste our foods and decide our diets with taste. Our diets and intake of vitamins and supplements as we discussed earlier in this series is of vital importance in the function and distribution of nutrients to our vital organs and to maintain the body to maintain vibrant healthy bodies.

Seeing – Is a stimulation that is engaging the eyes and using the brain to soothe, make determinations, stimulate, and excite. Some of the objects a person can excite or rouse are visually captivating pictures, mosaics, sculptures, and graphics like the mandalas we have spoken about as well.

Touch - When we engage the sense of touch or touching, the feelings that are aroused or exhibited are present, in generating energy sources is one of the most erotic parts of the five senses where it affects the entire body.

The five magnificient senses are known as tasting, seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling. The senses are very powerful forces in the revitalization of our cellular structure. All of the senses are exhilarating attributes and are fully engaged in the experience of a natural healing setting, or taking part in the body’s own natural ability to heal with other methods like therapeutic massage, hot stone therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and aroma therapy.

All of the above therapies are curative therapies in the art of tantalizing the magnificent five senses.

Massage aids the body in circulation, pain, muscle tension, posture, flexibility, and relaxation; it is a luxurious stress reliever. Kneading the body parts to rejuvenate and un-block clogged cellular structures and veins.

When we age our bodies need the extra help in pushing it along to generate the best possible release of cellular functions. Massages can be accompanied with essential oils containing vitamins or even hot stones that penetrate through the body and skin (

Acupuncture and acupressure are different in nature acupressure is a method used with touching and massaging areas that are pinpointed as pressure points in our body and joints, it is a natural way to boost the immune system, relieve stress, and relieve tension.

Stress is a cell and molecular structure killer that needs to be addressed in almost every illness’ and it definitely needs to be addressed in every respect when considering your diet, vitamins, supplements, and exercise. Acupressure also balances your body energy system and is pinpointed in key areas of the body (

Acupuncture is a different animal it uses very fine needles in pinpointing 360 areas of muscle and synapses of the tissue and muscle. This type of therapy is a Chinese medical alternative that is used to help fight depression, weight issues, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and circulation problems (

Hearing – When we hear music and its wonderful melodies, tunes, and sounds it will vibrate the body to better health.

Smelling - When we use or engage the sense of smell this sensation and aromatherapy has done wonders to soothe and increase awareness in our sense of smell with different medical issues like the relief of stress, inducing cravings or senses of particular emotions connected to our sense of smell.

Breathing - When we use the sense of smell and taste, we can engage and use even pure Oxygen from Home Oxygen Concentrators, tanks, diffusers, vitamins, mints, and essential oils. They are medical marvels in engaging our senses in numerous ways to combat everything that is not essential to our bodies (


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    • aida-garcia profile image

      Aida Garcia 4 years ago from Anaheim, CA 92801

      I enjoy a massage as well. My body feels oh so good afterwards. It is also known to be a prelude to better sexual encounters.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Massage is heaven for me. It's relaxing and it's definitely something I need.