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Enjoy Life according to the Rules of Allah (for Muslims)

Updated on December 13, 2015

Love by Allah which is given to us

Pass life in Allah ways

We pass our life in our own ways. Everyone is spending its time useless. Is we forget that what is our Religious duty. If we forget our Religious duty then in this way Allah send to us more in troubles in the way of earthquake and floods many others ways. When we perform that duty we felt happy from the heart. How much could a prayer want in one day. We have 24 hours in a day and from which a Prayer want only 10 minutes and for five Prayers only 1 hour. Could we don,t give Allah only 1 hour of a day. We spend money in different ways. And not spend that money to poor peoples for helping him from money resouces. I say this to every one that please help peoples who is indeed from this you felt happy in your life. Offers prayer from this way your sending here purpose is fulfill. And May Allah accept our all religious efforts.


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